Voices From The Readers

Decision To Save
Tree Appreciated

I would like to publically thank the Town of Ocean City for saving “the tree” on 4th Street.

As background, late last summer, standing in the parking lot of the Atlantic United Methodist Church parking lot and looking north toward the post office, I watched the demolition of the older buildings. As the demolition proceeded and the rubble was removed, I saw something that I had never noticed before — a tree — a beautiful tree (I think it is a catalpa tree).

I thought at the time how unfortunate it would be to lose such a grand specimen in the name of progress. But as I watched closer, I noticed the workmen were being very careful with their heavy equipment and trucks not to disturb “the tree”.  Who would have thought? Wow, they are going to save “the tree”.

Through the winter, I continue to watch and enjoy “the tree”. Progress is moving along with the finishing of the needed parking spots. All the while “the tree” stands proud — as if he is watching over all the goings on of Ocean City.  Once pointing out “the tree”, I now have others enjoying him, too.

So via this note, I thank the Town of Ocean City for saving “the tree”. Thanks for being good stewards of this beautiful world of ours. And thanks for valuing one of God’s special creations — “the tree” on 4th Street.

Gary German
Ocean City

Baffled By Op-Ed

Once again, I read an Op-Ed by Sen. Ben Cardin and wonder what universe he occupies. It is beyond laughable that a Democrat Senator would call for a “fair and comprehensive deficit reduction plan that is based on our nation’s needs”. Senator Cardin, how about just passing a budget? It’s been almost four years years since the Senate, controlled by your party, has even proposed one.

The House of Representatives has passed two spending bills which would prevent the sequester – both were “dead on arrival” in the Senate.

The scare tactics being employed by both Senator Cardin and President Obama are ridiculous. This horrible, scary, end of the world sequester (which was the President’s idea, Senator and he threatened in 2011 to veto any bill that would stop the sequestration), will cut $85 billion from $3.5 trillion in federal spending planned for this year. This is hardly Armageddon. Space limits me in proposing the many solutions to the problem, but please check out the common-sense suggestions being put forth by conservative politicians such as Senator Rand Paul.

Regarding Senator Cardin’s call for more revenue (i.e. taxes) from the wealthy – sir, that part of the deal was taken care of in December. The Republicans in the House compromised on increasing taxes during the “fiscal cliff” showdown and expected the Democrats to act in good faith by living up to their promise to cut spending. Naive of them, I know.

There is absolutely no need to scare people with talk of cuts to Head Start and schools, and as the president has threatened, loss of child care (child care? What’s that got to do with the federal budget?), loss of first responders (your house will burn down and 98% of First Responders are paid with local funds anyway). Criminals will be let go. Hundreds of thousands of teachers will be laid off. Border Patrol agents will have their hours cut. We’re talking cuts of less than 2%. Even with these “cuts” the federal government will still spend more this year than last. This is sophistry at its worst.

In closing, Senator Cardin, aren’t you just the tiniest bit embarrassed by your party?
Carol Frazier

Family Applauds
OC Emergency Team

On behalf of the entire Mitrecic family, I would like to extend a huge thank you to crew members D. Elliot, R. Whittington and M. Chester of Ocean City Paramedic Crew D who were on duty at the Montego Bay fire station this past Sunday, Feb. 24.

My husband has always held our Ocean City Paramedics in high regard and voiced his praises for them. Last Sunday, I witnessed firsthand why. He was feeling as if he had indigestion and was experiencing some discomfort in his chest. He suggested going to the firehouse to have the paramedics check him out.

From the moment they opened the door and welcomed us into the fire station thoroughly questioning my husband as to his condition, to monitoring his heart and very decisively providing care, to very clearly informing both of us of these procedures, to quickly transporting him to the facility best equipped to deal with his condition, to providing the hospital with all the vital information necessary to prepare a catheterization team for his arrival, to making certain that I was alright before leaving the emergency room to return to the station, these men were the epitome of caring, skillful professionals. There is no doubt in my mind that these men saved his life and for that I am eternally grateful.

The Town of Ocean City is blessed to have impeccable professional paramedics and EMT’s who our community may take for granted. I felt compelled to share a personal example of their fine work and can’t thank them enough for being there when we needed them.

Sheryl S. Mitrecic
Ocean City

Appalled by Vote
Feb. 19, 2013 was a sad day for liberty and private property rights in Worcester County.

The County Commissioners held a hearing for Bill 12-6, sponsored by Commissioners Shockley and Bunting, that would have allowed changing the definition of a minor subdivision of agricultural land from 5 lots to 7 lots. This should have been done months ago.

Maryland Senate Bill 236 (the “septic” bill) clearly allowed the counties to increase the number of lots in minor subdivisions, as long as the change occurred prior to Dec. 31, 2012. Sixteen counties took advantage of this by passing the increase before the year end. Why didn’t Worcester? Because the commissioners did not read the bill, and our County’s Director of Planning did not inform them of the provision, as did the planning directors in other counties. Have we been well-served by our county employees? I believe not.

Many private citizens attended the hearing on the Feb. 19. Some spent hours in research to bring new information regarding indisputable causes of pollution to the Chesapeake and Atlantic coastal bays. Some took time from work. Farmers took time away from their farms. All for naught, because just prior to the start of testimony, without notice and much to the surprise of the citizens as well as several of the commissioners, Commission President Church announced that testimony would be limited to two minutes. Mr. Church clearly preplanned the time limit, (not customary in previous hearings), as evidenced by the Administrative Officer holding up printed paper signs to announce 1-minute, 30 seconds and speaking time is up. This is shameful. One has to wonder if the commissioners had already made up their minds before they heard one word of testimony.

There were 15 speakers in favor of the bill and only four opposed. Those in favor laid out, to the best of their ability, given the arbitrary and unreasonable time constraints imposed by Mr. Church, a compelling case supporting property rights. Those opposed, mainly environmentalists, made their overly emotional, standardized boiler-plate arguments supported by not credible evidence – in other words, they did not even have to try to convince the commissioners, because the commissioners had made up their minds long before the hearing.

For the record, Commissioners Shockley and Bunting voted for Bill 12-6 and Commissioners Church, Purnell, Lockfaw, Boggs and Gulyas, voted against private property rights. Liberty-minded citizens should remember this at election time.

Kellee Kennett
(The writer is the chair of the Worcester County Tea Party.)

Grateful For Event
(The following letter was addressed to the Ocean City Paramedics Foundation.)

On behalf of the Ocean City Career Firefighter/Paramedics, I would like to personally thank the members of the foundation for the recent paramedic appreciation event held at Seacrets on Friday, Feb. 22.

Nancy Howard chaired a great evening that many feel was much needed at this time. Our relationship with the foundation continues to be strong. We always know that as a group, we can count on the foundation both monetarily and morally.

Special thanks to Billy and Madelyn Carder for entertaining us during the evening with the talents of "Teenage Rust".

To first-time attendee David Recor, your presence spoke volumes. We look forward to seeing you at future events.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the fabulous food, drinks, service, and atmosphere that Ricco and the staff at Seacrets provided.

To Joe Kendall, your warm welcome greetings at the entrance were sincerely appreciated.

To President Buck Mann, many thanks for your kind words. It is obvious to the career division that you and fellow members of the foundation are proud to represent what we consider to be an elite group of hard working individuals.

Del Baker
Ocean City
(The writer is a lieutenant with the Ocean City Career Firefighter/Paramedics.)