Voices From The Readers

Donations Appreciated

The Noel Community thanks everyone for the donations of gloves, hats, socks, and blankets during our eleventh annual gLOVEs drive over the Valentine Day season.

Local food pantries, lower income day care facilities, and social service groups will distribute the items collected. Together, we were able to warm the hearts and hands of our friends in need. We are especially grateful to St. Luke’s and Holy Savior Catholic churches and to the Worcester County Library in Ocean Pines for hosting the collections.

We appreciate everyone’s generosity again this year.
The Noel Community

Thanks To Officer
I want to thank the Ocean City police officer who came to my aid on Monday night, Feb. 11.

I had just finished working the 3 to 11 shift and I was on my way home. I noticed a flat tire when I was getting on Route 90 westbound. I pulled off to the shoulder of Route 90. My son had come and he couldn’t release the spare from under my van. The officer came and he went under my van and tried to release the tire. He went over and above the call of duty. He stayed there with us until AAA came and fixed the flat tire.

I didn’t get his name but I want to thank him. I was impressed. I want everyone to know that we are in good hands in Ocean City.

Mary Anne Weir
Ocean Pines

New Approach To
OC Safety Needed

I would like to go on record as to a most disturbing reality and problem of heinous crimes committed outside of the various 131 bars that operate in city limits, particularly the recent tragedies that most are aware of.

I would think it a priority and paramount to have a campaign and urgent referendum to address this problem. I raised six children, taking them to Ocean City for a children’s paradise with a friendly, family atmosphere. Now, many people come on vacation and leave on probation.

I talked with Mr. Jeff Mayne, the liquor board inspector, and a family man himself, and he won’t even bring his family to Ocean City. Nothing is being done to prevent or improve the safety of the city. If the city addresses this issue ahead of time with public awareness and education, this may thwart some of dangers that exist.

The city is a great place for all to vacation, families, singles, young people, specialty interests groups, so sit would be best for the city to let our residents and tourist vacationing friends see that the city has this and any other potential problems at the forefront, providing awareness and solutions for the realities of vacationing in a resort town with their best interests at hand.

Something needs to be done to bring incline, not decline, to the city for the benefit of all who are here and come here. Problems will always exist but an awareness between the business owners and the patrons that the powers that be are actively pursuing solutions may be one of the solutions in and of itself.

Al “Pop” Wendling
Ocean Pines