Worcester Prep Alumni Association Gather To Discuss Ideas For Alumni Events And Projects

Representatives of Worcester Preparatory School’s Alumni Association gathered recently to discuss ideas for alumni events and projects, including this week’s 100th Day Till Graduation event for this year’s senior class. Pictured, first row from left,are Susan Winkleman Beauchamp, ’83; Anna Dolle Bushnell, ’96; Heather Lankford Hammond, ’90; and Tara Frankel Becker, ’91; second row, Blair Falck Parsons, ’01,; Chris Hoen, ’90; Ashlee Reed Hidell, ’00; and third row, Scott Mumford, ’91; Alex Moore, ’86; Mitch Parker, ’76; and Steve Green, ’93. Not pictured was Reese F. Cropper III, ’78.