OC Elementary Honors December Students Of The Month

Ocean City Elementary School honored the December Students of the Month with a luncheon, special cake and a T-shirt sponsored by the Ocean City/Berlin Opti-MS. Pictured, first row from left, are first grade honorees Ashton Main, Mira Demissie, Tatum Daubach, Shay Flannery, Katie Mitchell and Macy Woroniecki; second row, second grade honorees Savannah McCabe, Lily Canfield, Jonathan Wallace, Bennett McLEndon, and Matthew Rankin; third row, third graders Julia Howard, Mackayla Barrett, Danielle Consigli, Matthew Janson, Cornelia Butler and Sophia Haines; and, fourth row, fourth graders Allison Marx, Isabella Vazquez, Eric Cropper, Houston Phillips, Vanessa Morales-Gonzalez, and Zitlhaly Lopez-Camacho.