Bayside South Sending 5 to Crab Bowl

BERLIN- The Bayside South will be well represented in the 5th Annual Crab Bowl, pitting the top senior football players from Maryland and Washington, D.C. against each other in the All-Star game, with five players from Lower Shore schools on the roster.

The annual Crab Bowl features the top senior high school football players from across Maryland and D.C. each year as a showcase event for the All-Stars. For years, most of the players on both rosters have come from the big schools up the populous center of the state, but the Eastern Shore in general, and the lower shore specifically, have been attracting more attention in recent years.

This year, for example, the Bayside South conference is sending five players to the annual Crab Bowl, which will be played tonight, December 21, at the Marvin F. Wilson Stadium in Prince George’s County. Representing the Bayside South will be Decatur’s Ryan Kail, Snow Hill’s Troy Taylor, Parkside’s Trey Chandler, Derrick Hayward of Wicomico and Gavaughn Trower of Washington High.