Couple Relocates Business With Same Goals In Mind

Couple Relocates Business With Same Goals In Mind

OCEAN CITY – Martin and Kathleen Weinstein are continuing to add to the success of Eastern Shore Physical Therapy by focusing on providing convenience and the best quality care to their patients out of their new location in Berlin.

In the early 1990s, the married couple graduated from Salisbury University. Martin received a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing and Kathleen received a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Fitness and a Minor in Biology.

After graduating, the couple decided to take their education to the next level. Kathleen attended Shenandoah University and received a Masters in Physical Therapy. Martin attended the University of Maryland at Baltimore and received his Masters in Physical Therapy as well.

“We always wanted to come back here after going to Salisbury, we liked the area,” Martin said. “We love the beach.”

The Weinsteins started off working at Chesapeake Rehabilitation Hospital, an inpatient rehab center, in 1998, treating patients with a wide variety circumstances, including strokes, total hip and knee replacements, amputations and Parkinson’s.

During this time, Martin began working with HealthSouth Sports Medicine, an outpatient center, in Salisbury and in 2000 he opened the HealthSouth Outpatient Center in Berlin as the manager of the facility.

Kathleen continued to work with the Chesapeake Rehabilitation Hospital as well as in 2001 she assisted with the inpatient acute care at Atlantic General Hospital (AGH), working on the implementation of the Joint Program for total knee and hip replacements.

In 2003, the Weinsteins came back to work together again and opened their own facility, Eastern Shore Physical Therapy. The location off Route 50 was open for nine years before they decided to relocate.

While they were opening the new business, Kathleen continued her education and received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy as well as the Weinsteins became the parents of three children.

Eastern Shore Physical Therapy made the move to 314 Franklin Avenue in Berlin this past June.

The Weinsteins decided to move when they found the location, which had been available for a couple years, because they felt it would be more convenient for their patients to be located within the medical community in the immediate area. The couple liked being so close to AGH and conveniently being the neighbors to so many different medical outlets, such as sitting right next door to Lab Corp.

“It was structured perfectly for physical therapy,” Martin said, explaining the open floor plan works well for physical therapy exercises and equipment.

“It has been going very well,” Kathleen said of the new location. “The feedback has been very positive.”

Since the move, Martin has been certified as an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist (OMPT) and is the only OMPT in the area. His certification has given him the superior skills to treat patients with a variety of back, neck and sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunctions.

“I have been trained to do manipulations on every joint in the body, from the neck down to the ankle, if it is needed,” Martin said.

According to Martin, OMPTs often look to restore proper sacroiliac or lumbar joint function to treat piriformis syndrome, sciatica and/or lumbar strain rather than directly manipulating the piriformis and lumbar muscles through exercise.

“I use it a lot on hand and elbow injuries because a lot of times even though somebody has tendonitis in the elbow, it could be coming from a dislocated bone in the hand, and a lot of people don’t realize that,” he said. “It is like a whole body approach instead of having tunnel vision and looking at one joint.”

Eastern Shore Physical Therapy focuses on providing personal one-on-one care to each and every patient.

“We look at the whole body,” Kathleen said of what sets them apart from the rest in the industry. “If somebody has a knee replacement, we are not just focusing on the knee … if they are having lower back pain with the knee, we will address that too because it is all encompassing.”

As evidence the services received are working, Martin added the length of their patient’s treatment has become shortened.

“By providing quality care the amount of visits a patient needs has decreased, so someone is getting better quicker,” he said. “It is not like going to the gym without supervision. We provide constant supervision.”

The Weinsteins added that the success of their patients couldn’t be done without their staff. The current staff has been together for at least six years.

“Everything from the greeting in the front office to the assistance in the back in the therapy gym,” Martin said. “We all work very well together.”

Additionally, Eastern Shore Physical Therapy accepts a wide range of insurance as well as self-pay.