Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Other Election Thoughts

I have to respond to Paul St.Andre regarding his election thoughts. You obviously think that all the people who voted for the local City Council winners did so without studying the facts and their positions. Most (but not all) of my choices were elected but I’m not going to disrespect the voters who chose the other candidates by saying they were "misguided".

As for the national election, why in the world do you feel that Catholics should have voted for Mr. Rommey? Many Catholics don’t agree with some of the Church’s policies (divorce, contraception, abortion) or even go to church. So, as you said, most of them went for Mr. Obama.

As for taxes, why should the middle class pay around 30% and the wealthy pay around 14% with all the loopholes and deductions they get? Even Warren Buffett doesn’t think it is fair. You complain about possible reductions in welfare and Medicare. Isn’t this what the Republicans want?

Then you stated that both parties are equally guilty and it didn’t matter which party won. I will agree with that. I also want to see spending cuts and an end to waste and fraud. But I don’t think the country is falling apart. If that useless Congress can get together and compromise, we’ll be okay.

Diane Lojewski
Ocean City