Ravens Runners Win 1st 5K Challenge

Ravens Runners Win 1st 5K Challenge
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OCEAN CITY- Bragging rights for the next year and a gold trophy to match went to the Ravens’ supporters after the highly successful, first-ever Ravens-Steelers 5K last Saturday in advance of the big game between the AFC North rivals on Sunday.

Over 250 runners representing both teams, along with hundreds of other spectators, gathered at the north end of the Boardwalk early last Saturday morning for the first-ever Ravens-Steelers 5K and other events. Hosted by OC Tri-Running and sponsored by the 28th Street Pit-and-Pub and Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon, the 5K race was the centerpiece of the charity event, which also completed several skills challenges on the beach. After the athletic events, supporters of both teams retreated to their respective hangouts for a day of tail gaiting and smack talking.

Race officials combined the times of the top 50 runners representing the Ravens and the top 50 runners representing the Steelers and came up with an average finish time to determine the winner. The top 50 Ravens runners finished in a combined 21:02:09.7, for an average finish of 25:14.6, while the top 50 Steelers runners finished in a combined 22:57:46.3, for an average of 27:33.3. As a result, the 28th Street Pit-and-Pub was awarded the trophy and will hold it until the rematch next year.

The top overall finisher was Alex Sterling, representing the Ravens, who finished in 19:10.2, and just barely edged second-place finisher Dave Rovansek, who came in right behind at 19:10.5. The rest of the top 10 overall finishers included Kevin Herbert, Noah McAleer, Lynsey Kanski, who was the top female finisher, Rick Cawthern, Jennie Novak, Abby Andrews, Phil Fraley and Jeremy Bryan.

The top 10 finishers for the Ravens included Sterling, McAleer, Kanski, Andrews, Fraley, Bryan, Jason Cortezzo, Lauren Clemson, Jeff Sherman and Brenda Hommel. The top 10 Steelers finishers included Rovansek, Herbert, Cawthern, Novak, Lauren Brueckner, Donald Parana, Bert D’Amico, Tim Lyons, Christina D’Amico and Jeff Smith.