Ravens-Steelers Bragging Rights on Line

OCEAN CITY- Before the big boys hit the field in Pittsburgh on Sunday night for the latest chapter in the ongoing rivalry between the Ravens and the Steelers, local bragging rights will be settled on Saturday between the two teams’ loyal followers in the resort area with the first-ever 5K race and other events to fuel the competitive fire.

The Steelers host the Ravens on Sunday night in the first meeting of the two rivals in three weeks and the anticipation has been building since last season ended. Hosted by OC Tri-Running and sponsored by neighborhood rivals 28th Street Pit-and-Pub and Buxy’s Salty Dog Saloon, the first-ever Ravens-Steelers 5K race and associated events are set for tomorrow with the area in and around 28th Street as ground zero. The event pits fans from both teams against each other in a 5K race and other events with bragging rights on the line.

Each establishment will serve as headquarters for the two teams’ fans with the Steelers fans camped at Buxy’s and the Ravens fans setting up shop at the 28th Street Pit-and-Pub. The 5K race runs from 27th Street and the Boardwalk to 1st Street and back. The cumulative times of the first 100 registered Ravens fans to finish will be compared to the first 100 Steelers fans to finish and a trophy will be awarded to the winner that will remain in the winning establishment until the event next year.

After the 5K race, team members will compete in a variety of events in and around the beach between 27th and 28th Street. Among the events are a football bomb throw, a quarterback accuracy throw, a 40-yard sand dash and a beach combine strength and agility. Also included are non-athletic football related events such as a rib-eating contest for example.

OC Tri-Running, along with Buxy’s Salty Dog and 28th Street Pit-and-Pub are donating a portion of the proceeds to two local non-profit organizations, the Children’s House by the Sea and the Ocean City Paramedics Foundation. The 5K race begins at 9 a.m. tomorrow and the other events will begin in and around the 28th Street area following the race.