County Shelter Thankful For Renovation Help

WEST OCEAN CITY — A team of contractors and their crews, led by the local Home Depot, helped give a facelift to the Worcester County Humane Society (WCHS) last week.

“We had so many different people from so many different companies,” said WCHS Director Kenille Davies.

Davies guessed that more than two dozen people volunteered time or materials to renovate the Human Society. The office and bathroom were completed remodeled, new floors were installed, a new roof was placed over the food shed, landscaping was added and a new sign was painted for the shelter, among other things.

“There were about 12 different projects,” confirmed WCHS representative Carolyn Miller.

Miller thanked everyone who had volunteered to help renovate the Humane Society, but singled out Donna Kulyk of Home Depot for masterminding the effort.

“She organized all of the funds,” said Miller.

According to Miller, Kulyk was responsible for pulling all of the individual contractors and companies together as well, which included Merial Select, Diversified Builders, Redwood Burl and the Home Depot Garden Department.

Many other individual volunteers from the Humane Society and the community also contributed while lunch was provided by Outback and Chick-fil-A.

“It was just wonderful,” Davies said of the effort. “It was just a volunteer job on their part.”

While the bulk of the project has been completed, Davies said that there are still a few new things that will be worked on by volunteers, including a “Memory Garden” for deceased pets.

The national Humane Society, according to its website, is the “largest and most effective animal protection organization” in the United States, with more than 11 million volunteers or other individuals offering support. In Worcester County, just like nationally, the primary goal is promoting the adoption of strays. WCHD, unlike others on the shore, is a “no-kill” facility.

“We do an awful lot for strays and unwanted pets,” said Davies.

Though WCHS has several regular volunteers, they do continue to search for more support and Miller explained that, besides people volunteering their time to help with animals, community outreach like the Home Depot project is vital for the organization.

For more information or to volunteer at WCHS, call 410-213-0146.