Owners Aim To Simplify Dining With Delivery Service

OCEAN CITY – With the cold weather settling in, Just Deliveries will bring your meal to you. Just place your order with them and any craving can be satisfied whether, it’s Chinese in front of the TV or buckets of chicken for your next football get together.

Just Deliveries, LLC owners Jennifer Judd and Dawn James moved to Ocean City from Baltimore three years ago and fell into a culture shock when they found out the limitations of delivery service.

“We saw a need for it,” Judd said. “We were trying to order Chinese food … and were like ‘wow, there is no Chinese food place that delivers.”

That is when Judd and James remembered a delivery service in Baltimore that delivered for a variety of restaurants.

“We thought it was a good idea to have something like that and then we came down here … and when the Chinese food people told us they didn’t deliver the light bulbs went off,” James said.

Today, Nov. 9, is Just Deliveries’ third anniversary and it comes with new and exciting news. It now delivers to all of Ocean City, Ocean Pines and Berlin.

“If you just don’t feel like cooking or the car is not working, anything, we can be the first place that you think of so that you don’t have to go out and get your favorite restaurant’s food,” Judd said.

Throughout the years, the business was making changes to find its niche in the community. The first year Just Deliveries drove to just about anywhere but just starting off they did not accept credit cards. The second year they delivered to just Ocean City but started to accept credit cards.

In its third year, Just deliveries have shifted to an exclusive delivery network of restaurants as of last June in order to work more closely with restaurants and customers alike.

“We have structured it so that we have restaurants that can sign up with us so we can make sure everything can be handled right with the deliveries,” Judd said. “They can order online or right from their mobile phone.”

Participating restaurants include, Happy Chinese, Ho-feng Garden, Hunan Garden, Popeye’s, Panera Bread, Seaside Deli, Southside Deli, Peppers Tavern, 19th Hole Bar & Grille, Crabs to Go, JR’s Ribs, plus seasonal restaurants like the Mug and Mallet and Quickies Pizza.

“We want to help bring local businesses as many orders as we can,” Judd said.

Just Deliveries is now offering advertising packages to restaurants. Popeye’s in West Ocean City was one of the first to join Just Deliveries advertising package and offers customers a reduced delivery charge. To have Popeye’s delivered to your door, it will only cost $2.99.

Also, Seaside Deli in Ocean City has partnered with Just Deliveries and offers a delivery charge of just $1.99.

A regular deliver charge starts at $4.99. With every order or referral, a Delivery Dollar Coupon is achieved and up to five equals a free delivery.

Just Deliveries also offers Delivery Deals where the delivery is already included, such as The Chinese Feast for One is from Happy Chinese and is a choice of any large Chinese entry, choice of fired or white rice, and choice of two eggs or spring rolls with a pint of soup or soda for $12.99.

There is also the Popeye’s Delivery Deal that includes 10-piece chicken, four sides, and four biscuits for $19.94, or even three rolls of sushi from Ho-feng Garden for $18.95.

Just Deliveries also has a Local VIP Club. For $19.95 a month, members will receive free deliveries, contest entrees, a free-T-shirt and more.

“We have started to build a customer base and everyone knows business is better in the summer than in the winter so we wanted to do something special for the locals,” Judd said.

Judd and James wanted to give a special mention to their delivery driver, Nick Echanis, who has been with Just Deliveries for a year now.

“It’s a grind, it really is … but Nick has stuck with us,” James said.

On Nov. 19, Just Deliveries will be hosting a food drive where deliveries will be made in exchange for three non-perishable food items instead of the delivery charge. All donations will go to the Worcester County Youth & Family Counseling.

To view more Delivery Deals and get more information on Just Deliveries, visit their website, www.justdeliveries.net, or look them up on Facebook.