Judge Gives 18-Month Sentence To Boardwalk Fighter

SNOW HILL — One of two Delaware brothers arrested on first-degree assault charges after seriously beating another man on the Boardwalk in July pleaded guilty last week in Worcester County Circuit Court to second-degree assault and was sentenced to 18 months in jail.

Jamar Tazewell, 19, of Dover, pleaded guilty last Friday in Worcester County Circuit Court to second-degree assault for his role in a severe beating of another man on the Boardwalk in the early morning hours on July 1. Tazewell was sentenced to two years in jail, all but 18 months was suspended. He was also placed on probation for three years and was ordered to pay restitution to the victim.

His brother, Javon Tazewell, who was called the initial aggressor in the attack, also pleaded guilty to second-degree assault a week earlier and was sentenced to two years in jail with all but six months suspended. Javon Tazewell was also fined and placed on probation for two years.

Around 12:15 a.m. on July 1, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer inside the police substation on Worcester Street and the Boardwalk was alerted by an employee a fight was in progress near the facility’s ground floor bathroom. As the officer ran down the steps of the substation, he observed two suspects, later identified as the two Tazewell brothers.

According to police reports, roughly 50 people were standing around watching the assault. The two suspects ran down Worcester Street, then fled north on Baltimore Ave. Javon and Jamar Tazewell were caught a short time later.

Javon Tazewell had fresh blood all over the front right pants leg of his jeans and blood on his shoes. Jamar Tazewell also had blood on his shoes, according to police reports. One witness told police the two suspects were kicking and punching the victim while he was on his hands and knees in the restroom. Another witness told police he saw the two suspects punching and stomping the victim’s head and face on the sidewalk directly in front of the police station.

Another witness said the two suspects were “curbing” the victim, a slang term used to describe using the bottom of one’s foot to stomp another person’s head and face into a sidewalk or curb, according to police reports.

Emergency Services responded to the scene to treat the victim for his injuries. After paramedics arrived, the victim lost consciousness and had to be flown to PRMC via Maryland State Police helicopter. Jamar Tazewell and Javon Tazewell were each arrested and charged with first- and second-degree assault and disturbing the peace.

After Jamar Tazewell’s guilty plea to second-degree assault last Friday, Deputy State’s Attorney Steve Rakow told Judge Richard Bloxom out-of-town visitors starting fights on the Boardwalk was happening more frequently.

“We don’t want to fill up our jail with young people, but the youth of this age group from Delaware likes to come down here and pick fights on the Boardwalk,” Rakow said. “It’s been a common problem and we’d like to send a message that you can’t come down here and start fights and just walk away.”

However, defense attorney Purcell Luke told the judge it was not Jamar Tazewell’s intention to start a fight and he was only coming to the defense of his brother.

“My client didn’t come down here with the purpose of picking a fight,” said Luke. “He came here to enjoy himself and meet a young lady. They took things too far and he admitted he was wrong.”

Bloxom said to Jamar Tazewell, “You certainly haven’t gotten off on a good foot in life. This is a very, very serious incident. You, at the ripe age of 19, find yourself facing a 10-year sentence.”