Summer Reading Competition Held By Worcester Prep’s Guerrieri Library

Each year Worcester Prep’s Guerrieri Library hosts a summer reading competition for students in the Lower School. Top readers in the number of pages read category were Myra Cropper, 18,046 pages; Quinn McColgan, 15,213 pages; and Riley Schoch, 10,198 pages; Winners in books read category were Brooke Emeigh, 228 books; Colin Savage, 211 books; and Carson Rayne, 163 books. Other top readers in each grade level, were first row from left,  Chipper Becker, Aiden Levy, Parker Tingle, Brooke Emeigh, Riley Schoch, Caitlyn Hoen, Colin Savage, Carson Rayne and Waverly Choy; second row, Zoe Brafman, Morgan Schoch, Abbey Miller, Ryan Brafman, Maggie Miller, Zander Jett, Natalie Chadwell, Myra Cropper and Logan Derrickson; third row, Kendall Whaley, Robert Jett, Quinn McColgan, Hunter Selzer, Joseph Schwartz, Adison Browne, Anna Dashiell, Tenley Pelot and Molly Pugh; and fourth row, Kelly Polk, Julia Godwin and Hailey Merritt.