OC Elementary Honors September Students Of The Month

Ocean City Elementary School honored the September Students of the Month with a luncheon sponsored by the Ocean City/Berlin Optimists, the Ocean City/Berlin OptiMs, and the OCES PTA. Pictured are, first row from left, first grade honorees  Caitlin Williams, Lukas Loring, Christopher Stedding, Eric Braica, Matthew Beck and Cavontay Smith; second row, second graders Hilary Tirado-Cano, Caden Daubach, Arlenni Rodriguez-Carpio, Jessica Beck and Devin Phillips; third row, third graders Brandon Quach, Tristan Weinstein, Jasmi Zavala, Gavin Vent, Tristan Jager and Emily Peters; fourth row, fourth graders Julianna Fohner, Melis Unal, Danikah Coleman, Gabriella Sodomin, Frances Baptiste and Maddox Bunting.