Records Set at Strongman Event

OCEAN CITY- In one of the new events associated with Ocean City Bike Week, the Gold’s Gym in the Gold Coast Mall last weekend hosted the First Annual Ocean City Bike Week Strongman Competition and more than a few records fell during the inaugural event.

The overall Strongman title went to 30-year-old Alex Meyer, who also collected the men’s heavyweight title. Meyer set three records along the way including the deadlift with 405 pounds lifted for 20 repetitions. Meyer also set a record in the truck pull with a time of 22 seconds, and in the farmer’s walk with a time of eight seconds.

In the under-200-pound class, Mark Duke won the overall title and set a record in the farmer’s walk at 10 seconds. Fran Felix won the heavyweight masters title and set records in all four events. Felix did the tire flip in 42 seconds, the truck pull in 31 seconds, the farmer’s walk in 10 seconds and also set a record in the deadlift with 15 reps at 365 pounds.

John Fisher won the masters under-200-pound title and set a record in the farmer’s walk with a time of 11 seconds. Todd Margoullier won the 40-49 masters title and Tom Lowe won the 50-59 masters title. John Thomas, 19, won the teen title, setting records in the farmer’s walk (10 seconds), the truck pull (29 seconds) and also the deadlift, with 16 reps at 365 pounds. Kelsey Edwards won the female title, setting a new deadlift record with 25 reps at 135 pounds.

The Bike Week Strongman Competition is just one in a series of similar competitions hosted by the north Ocean City gym each year. The next is set for next Memorial Day weekend. For more information, contact Gary at (410) 723-4653.