Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Attacks On Women
Can’t Be Tolerated

Representative Todd Akin’s “legitimate” rape remarks have offended and angered me deeply not only as a woman, but as a human. Representative Akin later claimed he misspoke and his comment was “off the cuff.” This was a specifically targeted comment made in the context of legislation against rape victims. There are so many levels of ignorance in this statement, but I do not have the space in this letter to attack each one, many of which have be rebuffed more eloquently than I could ever attempt.

This letter, or the heart of Mr. Akin’s comment, is not about abortion, it is about women’s rights and our lawmakers’, specifically the GOP’s, views on those rights.

Rape is an ugly word. It is a word that makes us uncomfortable so we avoid the subject. Rape makes us uncomfortable because it is uncomfortable. It is the most violent and dehumanizing action that could be inflicted on another human being. Despite this, we stigmatize and attack victims of rape, as Mr. Akin demonstrated in his “legitimate” rape remark, indicating that illegitimate rape exists. Lawmakers are constantly attacking rape victims, and women, through their language. The “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act,” authored by Paul Ryan and Mr. Akin, included terminology that specifically referred to “forcible rape,” which was removed before the bill passed. Paul Ryan has recently stated his support in removing the term “forcible rape” claiming it was included as “stock language.” “Stock” language sets the tone for a bill and has the ability to change the meaning of a bill and our viewpoints.

Editor, you may remember a few months back when the Michigan House of Representatives banned a Rep. Lisa Brown from speaking simply because she said, “I’m flattered you’re all so interested in my vagina. But no means no.” Vagina is also an ugly word. It is another word that makes us uncomfortable so we create terminology that is not only vulgar and degrading towards women, but culturally defines us. It is this language that is accepted in our media and culture, but vagina is taboo.

Since 2010 the Republicans have consistently attacked women through the use of “stock language” and bills targeted against women. They have tried to defund Planned Parenthood, weaken the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, block the Paycheck Fairness Act, held a hearing on contraception coverage that was composed of religious men and sought to block the Obama’s administration’s decision to require health insurers to cover contraception. In my opinion, the GOP has spent a lot of time and tax payer dollars to control my entire body. I find it interesting that most of these attacks against women include very few women in the discussion. Republicans can be quoted claiming that issues pertaining to women’s reproductive rights are “shiny objects” or “distractions” from the “real” issues of the campaign. These issues are not “shiny objects,” not for me, not for women, and not for men. These are issues at the core of the campaign that affect us all and I know that I will be especially observant of the “stock language” used in this election. It speaks more than the endless rhetoric and name calling that has been used by both parties thus far in the election.

Whitney Palmer

Support Appreciated

My family and I would like to thank all the businesses that contributed to, and everyone that attended, the benefit held on my behalf at Crab Alley Restaurant on Sunday, Aug. 19.

I wish I could have been there to enjoy socializing with everyone and express my appreciation in person. However, I have enjoyed looking at all the photos taken during the event.

The overwhelming support from my friends, friends of my family, and the community in general has deeply touched my family and me. It is comforting to have this wonderful memory to reflect on during this difficult time.

Ruth Egger    

Yes To Littering Campaign

I really appreciated reading about the "litter bugs beware" proposed campaign to help make for a cleaner Ocean City. I think it’s an excellent idea to launch to help make our city a better place for all.

For those of us who call Ocean City home, we all know what it’s like to spot things like beer bottles in bushes, bags tossed carelessly into the streets, into parking lots, etc. and I believe that with good campaign efforts, a portion of this unnecessary litter can be eliminated for sure.

I wonder how the city might feel about asking some local businesses such as the north alliance businesses to help participate in this campaign. If some participating restaurants were to offer something like 10-percent off coupons, authorized persons could give incentives out to those individuals who might be spotted picking up trash, sweeping up, etc. Maybe call this “The Litterbug Star Alliance”.

However this campaign ends up running, I think it’s a great idea for Ocean City. I look forward to reading additional articles on the topic.

Doug Antos
Ocean City

Be Educated Before Voting

Are you familiar with these words and phrases — Agenda 21 with executive order 13575, Plan Maryland, Empower Maryland, smart meters, fast & furious, single payer, Independent Payment Advisory Board, Twelfth Imam, Sarbanes/Oxley and Dodd/ Frank bills, Community Reinvestment Act, Flag.gov, and Muslim Brotherhood?

If the answer is no to most or all, then this is proof positive that your sources of information are cheating you of vital knowledge that you will need to make an educated vote this November. Are your news sources telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? It is undeniable that you have been victimized/indoctrinated by your sources of information in terms of the fact that they want to educate you only as far as they think necessary. Why?

I can only assume that they have an agenda not necessarily commensurate with yours. America is changing and this Nov. 6 will be the most important election of our lives. You owe it to yourself, your children, grandchildren, and future generations to get informed and make an intelligent, non-emotional vote by changing your sources of information about the direction this country is going in.

Dennis W Evans

Md. Leaning To GOP?

As a life-long Republican, I would like to take the time to welcome Gov. O’Malley, Sen. President Miller and Speaker Busch to the grand ole party.

What you ask? When did they switch parties? Are you sure?

Well let’s look at what’s been going on. In every Obama campaign ad, there is talk of how the Republicans want to raise taxes on the middle class to give tax breaks to the rich. Every time you see a Democratic Senator in a press conference they are talking about how the Republican members want to raise the taxes on the middle class and poor to give the rich tax breaks. I even saw former President Cliton in an ad the other day stating the same thing.

Well now let’s look at what’s been going on here in Maryland this year. There were income tax increases and all kind of fee increases on the middle class then these three leaders turned around and pushed through the biggest tax break for the rich millionaire casino owners in state history.

So if you tie all this together they must have switched over. So again I say welcome to the party… Hope you like being the underdogs now.

Len Bender
Ocean City