Young Groms Shine at K-Coast Bash

OCEAN CITY- The young groms in the local surfing community took center stage last weekend with the K-Coast Beginner’s Bash with winners awarded in several categories.

For many of the young surfers in last weekend’s contest, the K-Coast Beginner’s Bash was the first taste of competition. For the record, Dylan Skelley took first-place in the open shortboard, followed by Jacob Hopkins, Elijah Myers, Shane Lally, Kristopher Kahan and Ben Skelley.

In the menehune longboard, it was Max Mariner taking first, followed by Shane Lally, Jake Dremneller, Ben Skelley, Rider Ridout and Drake Hickman. Shane Lally took first in the boys’ shortboard division, followed by Colin Ludwig, Dylan Skelley, Drake Hickman, Max Mariner and Tyler Keiser.

In the beater surfing competition, Jake Adams was first, followed by Max Mariner, Keegan Mitchell, Tony Scafone, Britlyn Leonard and Rife Leonard. Rose Billings took first in the open bodyboard division, followed by Tyler Keiser, Jake Adams, Tucker Cordial, Chase Porter and Lance Adams. In the menehune bodyboard, it was Dylan Peterson taking first, followed by Rider Ridout, Tyler Keiser, Ben McCabe, Robbie Penzhoffer and Colin Porter.