NEW FOR WEDNESDAY: 32nd Pedestrian Accident Reported In OC

NEW FOR WEDNESDAY: 32nd Pedestrian Accident Reported In OC

OCEAN CITY — After weeks of relative calm on the pedestrian collision front in the resort, another pedestrian was struck by a vehicle early Monday morning and was flown by Maryland State Police helicopter to PRMC in Salisbury and is listed in stable condition early this week.

Throughout the month of June, pedestrians being struck by vehicles occurred weekly, almost daily in some cases, including at least two fatalities. However, thanks in part to an aggressive public awareness campaign and the fact the Senior Week celebrants, which are typically associated with the most pedestrian-vehicle collisions, cleared out of town, the issue was relatively quiet for much of the rest of the summer until the incident on Monday morning.

Shortly before 1 a.m. on Monday, Ocean City Police and paramedics responded to the area of 19th Street and Philadelphia Ave. for a reported vehicle collision involving a pedestrian. The investigation revealed a group of people were attempting to cross Philadelphia Ave. in the area of 19th Street from east to west when one member of the group, who was not in a crosswalk, was struck by a vehicle.

The pedestrian, a 21-year-old Irish citizen, was struck in the center lane on the southbound side of Philadelphia Ave. by a taxi cab, which had the right-of-way. The investigation revealed the taxi attempted to stop the vehicle, but did not have time to avoid the collision and struck the pedestrian. No charges are pending against the driver.

The pedestrian had several injuries and was treated at the scene by Ocean City paramedics and was eventually transported to PRMC in Salisbury by Maryland State Police helicopter. The pedestrian, whose name has not been released, was listed in stable condition as of Tuesday morning.

The collision, which occurred just 150 feet from a signal-controlled crosswalk, was the 32nd pedestrian-vehicle collision investigated by the OCPD this year. In 14 of those incidents, alcohol was a factor on the part of the pedestrian, and in two cases, alcohol was a factor on the part of the vehicle operator.

Ocean City Police this week are again reminding citizens to always use marked crosswalks and never cross roadways in between intersections. In addition, pedestrians and motorists should use caution, especially at night.  If one has consumed alcoholic beverages, remember to always use marked crosswalks and, if available, a marked crosswalk with a traffic signal. Finally, pedestrians should not be texting or talking on a cell phone when crossing busy roadways.