Good Surf for 18th Malibu Summer Classic

Good Surf for 18th Malibu Summer Classic
boulanger trophy

OCEAN CITY- The 18th Annual Malibu Summer Classic featuring the best of the best of the local surfing scene in all age groups was held last weekend on the beach at 8th Street with winners recognized in several categories.

In the open short board division, it was Vince Boulanger taking first place, followed by Sam Deeley, Andrew Steward, Brad Flora, Aviad Sasi and Dillon Harrington. In the menehune short board division, Keegan Mitchell took first place, followed by Elijah Myers, Caleb Myers, Andrew Spriggs and Ben Skelly.

Simon Hetrick won first place in the boys’ division, followed by Sonny Furst, Jack Fager, Danton Boulanger, Logan Harvey and Evan Conboy. Brad Flora won the junior men’s division, with Tyler Clazey finishing second, Sam Deeley in third, Seth Conboy in fourth, Ryan Thane in fifth and Jimmy Edmunds in sixth.

In the men’s division, Matt Meinhart was first, with Aviad Sasi in second, Doug Dashiell in third, Corey Brown in fourth, Chris DiBartolo in fifth and Trevor Frederick in sixth. Chris Makibbin won the master’s division, followed by Jesse Bonhoper. In the senior men’s division, it was Rhett Chevritch finishing first, followed by Craig Garfield, Eric Mitchell and Matt Maciarello.

Eric Kurzbard won the grand master’s division, followed by Dave Clazey. Bill Helmuth won the legend’s division. In the grand legend’s division, it was Dave Hartman and George Smith finishing first and second.

In the girls’ division, Carly Grulch finished first, followed by Rose Billings, Bridget Buxbaum and Liza Ervin. Laurel Harrington won the women’s division, followed by Liz Hamilton, Mackenzie White and Caitlin Whalen.

Simon Hetrick finished first in the menehune longboard division, followed by Jack Fager, Keegan Mitchell, Kevin Kahriger and Ryan Widmaier. In the junior longboard division, it was Roland Gerachis finishing first, followed by Ryan Thane and Bobby Ragot.

In the men’s longboard, it was Chris Makibbin first, Wyatt Harrison second, Roland Gerachis third, Aviad Sasi fourth, Austin Cook fifth, Ryan Thane sixth and Brian Leyden seventh. Eric Mitchell took first in the master’s longboard, followed by Craig Garfield, Matt Maciarello and Bobby Ragot.