Cop Jumps In Ocean To Retrieve Troubled Woman

OCEAN CITY — A disoriented and confused woman was taken to an area hospital last week after running into the ocean and refusing to come out, forcing a cop to go in after her.

Around 12:09 a.m. last Friday, Ocean City police officers were conducting ATV patrol on the beach when they responded to the area of 140th Street for a report of fireworks. On arrival, the officers did not witness any fireworks, but they did locate a woman whose name has not been released near the shoreline who was acting disoriented and confused.

Officers attempted to speak to the 30-year-old woman, but she continued to disregard the officers. The woman then ran into the ocean as officers approached her and refused to come out despite repeated requests. Officers continued their attempts to have the woman exit the surf, but she ignored the pleas and continued deeper into the water.

Fearing for the safety of the woman, who was fully clothed and now neck-deep in the water, one of the ATV officers removed his duty gear and went in after her. The officer was able to reach the woman and successfully brought her to shore. However, once back on shore, the woman continued to try to run back in the ocean.

As a precautionary measure due to the woman’s behavior, police requested the assistance of the Worcester County Health Department’s Crisis Response Team (CRT). The CRT responded believed the woman may have been suffering from an unknown mental disorder and posed a risk to herself and others. A petition for an emergency evaluation was subsequently completed on the scene.

The woman was taken by Ocean City EMS to PRMC in Salisbury for a psychological evaluation, the results of which are unknown. The officers involved, particularly the officer who entered the water and prevented a potentially dangerous situation, was lauded this week.

In addition, police are reminding citizens that Ocean City beaches are closed from midnight to 5 a.m. To ensure public safety, the OCPD patrols the beach during the closed hours on horses and ATVs. Again, residents and visitors are reminded to always use caution when involved in any type of water activity and to never swim in the ocean when the Ocean City Beach Patrol is off duty.