NEW FOR TUESDAY: Drunk Driving Spree Damages Property, Injures Passengers, Knocks Out Power

OCEAN CITY — A Greenwood, Del. man was arrested on 67 different citations last night after an alleged drunk-driving ride through the downtown area during which he nearly struck several pedestrians on the sidewalk at different times, caused at least two accidents including one with injuries, struck several trees and signs and hit a power box and transformer knocking out power.

Around 9:15 p.m. on Monday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to Robin Drive to investigate a reported truck with two flat tires. The driver, later identified as Michael K. Hall, 43, of Greenwood, Del., quickly exited his vehicle and attempted to flee, but didn’t realize he had been blocked in by police. Hall told police he had made a mistake and that he drank too much, according to police reports. The officer examined Hall’s vehicle and determined it had no tires on the passenger side and extensive body damage.

Hall, who appeared intoxicated, refused to perform any field sobriety tests. A warrant check revealed Hall was wanted in Delaware for burglary and other charges. At that point, Hall allegedly threatened to kill the OCPD officer and other officers, telling police he would “snipe” them. A search of Hall’s vehicle revealed an empty pistol holster with blanks, binoculars, a spotting scope and a rifle with a scope attached. Also found in the vehicle were several knives.

Hall refused to cooperate and was arrested for driving under the influence. When he was transported for booking, he refused to give his name or age, refused a breath test and refused to sign any paperwork and was generally uncooperative, according to police reports.

Meanwhile, the arresting officer went back to the 20th Street area and found the block was without power. The officer also discovered Hall’s alleged drunk-driving spree left several accidents and collisions in its wake. Witnesses told police Hall had struck a BMW causing injuries to a passenger. Hall then left the roadway onto the sidewalk crowded with pedestrians and struck a city-owned sign. Hall then struck a parked Cadillac, causing that vehicle to strike an unidentified truck.

Hall allegedly continued down the sidewalk, striking two trees and nearly hitting several more pedestrians. Hall then collided with a city-owned power box and a Delmarva Power transformer, knocking out electric service to the entire block. Hall then entered northbound Baltimore Ave. before turning onto 23rd Street where he passed a Honda on the left. Hall then attempted to turn right onto Philadelphia Ave., but struck the Honda. Hall then drove onto the sidewalk again, just missing several pedestrians. He then struck a fence owned by Old Pro Golf.

According to police reports, after all of those crashes and collisions, Hall never stopped to provide personal information, failed to check on injured parties and “had disregard for human life as well as his own,” according to the police report. The report also stated Hall would have fled the scene if given the opportunity and his vehicle had not been disabled.

According to the police report, Hall was still refusing to answer simple questions including providing his complete name on Tuesday morning hours after the alleged drunk-driving spree. He was arrested on 67 total citations from drunk-driving to reckless driving to from leaving the scene of an accident involving injury and property damage.