Teens Rescued In Inlet By Coast Guard

OCEAN CITY — Two teenage boys were rescued by the Coast Guard in the Inlet on Monday evening after the personal watercraft they were riding capsized during a sudden storm.

Around 6:30 p.m. on Monday, two 17-year-old boys were riding personal watercraft in the bay near the Inlet when the last of several severe storms throughout the day blew through the resort area.

The personal watercraft flipped in the suddenly turbulent conditions, sending the teens into the water. A witness at a nearby motel at the Inlet called 911 and Coast Guard Station Ocean City responded immediately, sending a 25-foot rescue boat with a crew of three to the scene, and rescued the teens from the swirling Inlet waters.

“They were clinging to their personal watercraft, which they had tied together and we were able to pull them on board fairly quickly,” said Coast Guard Seaman Cindy Holbeck, who was on the rescue boat. “They were wearing life vests and were hanging on to the personal watercraft but the current was ebbing in the Inlet and pulling them toward the open ocean.”

Holbeck said the two teens were shaken but otherwise unharmed. They did not require medical attention and their mother met them at the Coast Guard station, according to Holbeck. Sea Tow responded and towed in the personal watercraft.