Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Election Move Is Right

(The following letter was addressed to the Ocean City Mayor and Council with a copy sent to this publication.)

As most of you know, I was a resident of Ocean City for 23 years. I recently moved to Florida, but still keep up with the town and its news as I am an Ocean City resident at heart.

I recently read in The Dispatch’s Daily Buzz that you are considering consolidation of the town election with the state and federal election. I am glad to see that.

I was a chief judge for the state and federal elections at the convention center for several years and each time we were asked several different questions but they all related to consolidation.

Some of the questions were: Where are the local candidates? Why does the town have separate elections? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to do it together? It is a pain to have to come out and vote separately, etc. etc.

Notwithstanding the economic savings by consolidation, it will surely relieve the added burden to the town residents. Meeting the voters still will take place as the parking lot was never without room for candidates.

I hope the City Council strongly considers this wise move.
Ernie d’Eustachio

Poor Turnout Questioned

Where were you? On May 19, 2012, Armed Forces Day, a tribute was held at the Veterans Memorial in honor of veterans. It was held at 4 p.m. after lunch and before dinner, so that there would not be a conflict at mealtime. It was a touching ceremony with the presentation of two wreaths, one from the Garden Club of Ocean Pines and one from the Sons of Italy. There was music, prayers and moments of reflection.

It was sponsored by the Republican Women of Worcester County, who prepared the entire agenda, from publication, music, speakers, etc. Approximately 60 people attended.

Veterans are the reason that we have our freedom today and we like to show our appreciation by honoring them. I’m certain that everyone has a parent, a child, a spouse, a sibling or a dear friend who has served, is currently serving, or sadly, has paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Think about it next year on Armed Forces Day and give an hour of your time to honor them.
Barbara Loffler
Ocean Pines

Meehan Applauded

With David Recor starting last week, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Mayor Rick Meehan for doing a great job as Interim City Manager for Ocean City.

After the surprising dismissal of Dennis Dare in September, Mayor Meehan stepped in and was the leader this town desperately needed. He kept a “business as usual” attitude at City Hall for the last nine months, turning what could’ve been a turbulent time into a positive one. When budget time came around, he produced a lean budget that members from both sides of the Council said was one of the best ever produced. All this while maintaining a full-time job in the private sector and still fulfilling his duties as Mayor. He put all of this extra time and effort into Ocean City for not a penny more than what he normally gets.

Ocean City is lucky to have him, and all you need to do is read about politics in some nearby towns to see how disastrous this could’ve been. But thanks to Mayor Meehan’s strong leadership that didn’t happen.

Rich Drake
Ocean City

Voting Unfairness

If the union effort is placed on the ballot for vote and with almost every voter in Ocean City related to a municipal employee in one way or another, it seems a bit unfair to allow them to vote especially when the majority of property owners are struggling with this economy and not allowed to vote.

Janice Scott

Against Union Effort

In regard to the employees’ petition efforts, I have had people approach me on the beach, in Northside Park, the post office and the Food Lion parking lot.

I asked every one of them if they worked for Ocean City and they all said but one that they did not. The other said he did, however, he did not know what department he worked in or his supervisor’s name.

I have received phone calls asking if I received the petition and if I will mail it in. Again I asked if they worked for Ocean City. He told me he did not but he was hired to do the job. What goes?

Brent Ashley has the right approach. If the grass is greener on the other side, go for it.
Stu Shinnick
Ocean City