Boutique’s Opening Coincides With 2nd Friday Bridal Stroll

Boutique’s Opening Coincides With 2nd Friday Bridal Stroll

BERLIN — Hoping to make Berlin a “wedding destination,” Bustle bridal boutique will be opening its doors Friday.

According to co-owner Kathy Walsh, Bustle will be a fitting addition to a town that already features bakeries, restaurants, florists, horse carriage rides, a hotel and pretty much everything else one needs to make a wedding.

“Everyone in the town of Berlin wants to make the town a wedding destination,” said Walsh.

Along with daughter Jennifer Davis, Walsh will be running Bustle, located on 9 South Main St. It’s a first-time experience for the family, but one Walsh feels they are prepared for.

“We hand-picked all the wedding dresses and designers,” she said.

It’s been a lifelong dream to open a business with her daughter, Walsh revealed. So when the Main St. location became available, the pair jumped on the opportunity.

And everyone in the town, from the government to surrounding businesses, have supported and encouraged Bustle, said Walsh.

“The town has been fantastic; they’ve just welcomed us … we’re just amazed at how everyone works together,” she said.

While Walsh anticipates synergy with other town businesses in giving Berlin a wedding atmosphere, she made it clear that Bustle will have its own aspirations.

“What we really want to be known as is for the experience of buying a wedding dress,” she said.

Walsh explained that the entire wedding process is a memorable series of events and one of the biggest milestones for a bride is when she selects her dress. Though Bustle will not open officially until today, appointments are lining up and the goal is to give each future bride an experience she will never forget.

“We want to cater to our appointments,” said Walsh.

That could mean closing the shop for private fittings, champagne or anything else a bride-to-be needs to make selecting dress a memorable and pleasant occasion.

The opening of Bustle is already energizing the town, as the theme for June’s 2nd Friday Art Stroll, which will coincide with Bustle’s opening, will be “Bridal.” A “wedding weekend” is also planned for Berlin in September.

More than 25 Berlin businesses will be taking part in the June 8 “Bridal Stroll,” which will feature a wedding basket give away valued at over $1,300. All 25 stops have donated something wedding themed to the prize basket.