High School Graduates Reminded To Play It Safe

OCEAN CITY – With high school graduates converging on Ocean City, local officials are offering their congratulations while also suggesting tips on how to stay safe and out of trouble while here.

“Please pay attention to the high school seniors that are out there and we encourage everyone to remember crime prevention tips, wear your seat belt, click-it-or-ticket, walk at the crosswalks, don’t drink and drive, take a cab, take a bus, find a designated driver,” Ocean City Police Chief Bernadette DiPino said. “If you need the police, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are there for you and we hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.”

The Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) has released a new video on its YouTube channel to help spread awareness. The video is called, “What Should Seniors Do in Ocean City”.

“Welcome high school graduates we are so glad that you have chosen Ocean City as you vacation destination to celebrate your high school graduation,” DiPino says in the opening. “We have some videos coming to show you what to do in Ocean City to be safe and have a good time.”

The video goes on to feature many familiar faces in Ocean City giving their own tips on how to have fun and stay safe.

“On behalf of all of the residents in Ocean City, Md., I want to welcome the graduating seniors here at the beach this summer,” Mayor Rick Meehan said. “It is a great opportunity for you to relax with your friends, reminisce over your school years and look forward to what you have lying ahead in the future. Enjoy the beach. Enjoy the Boardwalk. Play it safe and stay away from alcohol and drug use. There are so many great things for you to do here at the beach. Make sure you enjoy yourself and have a good time, and return home to your family and friends safely. Come back and see us often.”

Next, Captain Butch Arbin of the Ocean City Beach Patrol welcomes high school seniors but warns them to only swim when the beach patrol is on duty.

Quiet Storm Surf Shop manager Meredith Moore said, “My advice to you seniors is to come and enjoy the beach, shop and not shoplift.”

Councilman Brent Ashley, who has also served on the noise board, advises high school graduates to obey the noise ordinance, play it safe and have a good time.

“Have a great time in Ocean City and enjoy your week here but rest assured, play it safe, do the right thing, and make good choices,” Bruce Krasner of T-Shirt Factory on the Boardwalk and supervisor of the Neighborhood Watch on the Boardwalk said.

OCPD Pfc. Joe Zurla of the Mount Patrol reminded graduates to keep their eyes on the road and share the road with pedestrians and scooters.

Also, Pfc. Dan Jocobs and his partner police dog Jax warns graduates to avoid selling, buying or using drugs unless they want to come across him and his partner.

“I want to welcome you to Ocean City and I want you to have a great time but I also want you to remember to call home,” Councilwoman Mary Knight said. “Your family and friends will want to hear about the wonderful time that you’re having.”

Councilman Joe Hall along with Lois Twilley of the Worcester County Health Department and Ocean City Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, which sponsors Play It Safe, recommends high school graduates take advantage of everything Play It Safe has to offer.

The 23rd Annual Play It Safe program kicks off this summer with this year’s high school graduates. The program is to encourage grads to make good choices and to have responsible fun in Ocean City without alcohol and drugs. Play It Safe provides 50 free events all around town. See www.playitsafeoceancity.com for  details.