NEW FOR WEDNESDAY: Resort Police Increase Presence After Home Burglaries

OCEAN CITY – Residents in the north end of Ocean City have been alarmed this month as a series of burglaries have taken place in the area.

Residents, particularly in the Caine Woods residential community, may have noticed an increase in police presence since a number of burglaries occurred last week.

It all started on May 20 when two burglaries were reported on Fiesta Road in Caine Woods, followed by another on the same street on May 23.

On May 24, a burglary was reported on South Surf Rd., which intersects with Fiesta Rd., and the next day two more attempted burglaries were reported on South Surf.

“What we have been experiencing uptown has been unoccupied residences,” Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) Public Affairs Specialist Jessica Waters said. “It is important to let our residents know that because we don’t want them feeling they can’t go to sleep at night because someone is going to break into their home.”

Waters said the OCPD’s Criminal Investigation Department has been proactive in investigating the cases to find the people that are committing the crimes.

OCPD encourages residents and visitors to keep all window and doors locked while not in use as well as keep your home well illuminated.

“Lighting is one of the best deterrents in crime prevention,” Waters said.

Waters added that if residents are planning on not being at their home for a length of time to ask a neighbor to check on the property or subscribe to OCPD’s Residential Security Check program.

“This is exactly what the program is here for and we really encourage people to use that program,” Waters said.

Also, if you return to your property and something doesn’t seem right, don’t hesitate to call the police, Waters advised.

“Call us if you are worried about going in,” Waters said. “Don’t try to confront a situation if you are not comfortable. Give us a call and we will come help you to make sure everything is ok for you to go into.”

Since the string of home burglaries have occurred, the OCPD has teamed up with the Neighborhood Watch Association to increase monitoring abilities.

“We are teaming up with our neighborhood watch groups in those areas, and asking citizens to be the eyes and ears and to report any kind or suspicious activities, suspicious people or suspicious vehicles,” Waters said. “Nobody knows those neighborhoods better than the people that live there, so we are asking those citizens to give us call.”

In keeping a look out, Waters said remember the “four Ss” — suspicious persons or vehicles, suspicious activity, suspicious circumstances, and suspicious packages. If you see a crime taking or believe one could be imminent, call 410-723-6600 immediately.

The most important thing is, while we are asking them to be on the lookout we don’t want people to get involved to the point where it would put them in a dangerous situation,” Waters said. “If you see something, call but don’t get involved.”