Berlin’s Small Business Success Touted

Berlin’s Small Business Success Touted

BERLIN — Representatives from Maryland Capital Enterprises (MCE) stopped by Berlin Wednesday for a tour of small businesses and to touch base with established and potential small business owners.

“Since the start of this decade, small business has created 95% of all new jobs,” said MCE Executive Director Hayley Gallagher. “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and this week we are reaching out to thank them for that important role.”

Mayor Gee Williams and Sen. Jim Mathias joined Gallagher and other MCE officials for a tour of the town, speaking to business oweners and residents in front of the Atlantic Hotel.

Williams called small business the “lifeblood” of Berlin and stated that MCE has been a huge benefactor in the town’s attempts to battle the recession.

Williams pointed to the success of Berlin’s model for attracting business, with 21 new net enterprises and roughly 100 new workers gained since 2009.

Mathias, a former small business owner himself, also lauded praise on both Berlin and the MCE for their business friendly outlooks. He saved the majority of his accolades for the individual business owners.

“Really, our American hero has been the small business owner that remains standing today,” he said.

Gallagher added, “We know this economy has been difficult on so many businesses. Yet still that entrepeneurial spirit thrives on the Shore so we want to highlight that and offer our congratulations on their hard work. Running a business is not easy and rarely does anyone stop to offer their thanks.”

Berlin is one of several stops MCE is making to promote Small Business Week, which lasts from May 20-26.