NEW FOR WEDNESDAY: Accident In West OC Involves Overturned Truck

NEW FOR WEDNESDAY: Accident In West OC Involves Overturned Truck
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BERLIN — Traffic was snarled along Route 50 in West Ocean City this afternoon when an eastbound dump truck collided with a passenger car and veered off into a ditch, spilling much of its cargo on the side of the road.

Around midday on Wednesday, a dump truck carrying a large cargo of sand and soil was heading east on Route 50 approaching the intersection with Route 611 when it collided with a passenger vehicle driven by a local man, who was reportedly attempting to make a left turn onto Route 611 against a red traffic signal. The collision spun the passenger vehicle around in Route 50 and the car’s air bag deployed although the driver was not seriously injured.

Meanwhile, after the collision, the Rayne’s Sand and Gravel truck careened through the intersection, left the roadway and plowed into a steep ditch in front of the PNC Bank. The truck tipped over on its side and dumped some of its cargo into the grassy area in front of the bank and along the adjoining roadway. The driver of the truck was reportedly not seriously injured. By late afternoon, heavy duty dump trucks were attempting to right the overturned dump truck as a large crowd of spectators gathered.

Complicating the already snarled traffic along the busy corridor was another accident shortly after the first on Route 611 at the entrance to the Food Lion shopping center, virtually bringing traffic to a stop in and around the heavily traveled area. It appears likely the second accident was caused by the traffic flow problems created by the dump truck accident although the entrance to the shopping center is the site of frequent accidents.
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