Suspect Chases Jogger with Truck

SALISBURY — A Salisbury man was arrested on attempted murder and other charges last week after attempting to run over a jogger who allegedly tried to pepper-spray his dog.

Around 7 a.m. last Wednesday, a Wicomico County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a reported altercation on Ward Rd. in Salisbury. The investigation revealed a resident identified as Craig Jones, 50, of Salisbury, became enraged when a jogger attempted to pepper-spray his dog after the animal chased the runner. According to the victim, Jones jumped into a pickup truck and began chasing him and threatening to kill him.

The jogger left the roadway in order to avoid being hit by Jones’ vehicle, but Jones followed and ran into a tree. According to police reports, Jones was able to dislodge the truck from the tree and continued chasing the jogger again. During the next leg of the chase, Jones ran over and damaged a tombstone in a private cemetery. The jogger told police he feared for his life.

The sheriff’s deputy observed damage on Jones’ truck consistent with damage to the tree. The deputy also observed lengthy tire tracks left when Jones’ vehicle left the roadway, further corroborating the jogger’s story. Jones was arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment.

Jail Time For OC Burglar

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man arrested in January on burglary and trespassing charges after breaking into one residence and finding the occupant home before being caught attempting to break into a second residence was found guilty last week of fourth-degree burglary and was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Around 5:40 a.m. on January 31, an Ocean City Police officer was dispatched to a residence on Coastal Highway near 84th Street for a reported burglary that had just occurred. The officer met with a victim who said an uninvited stranger had just entered her apartment. According to police reports, the suspect saw the resident and left. The suspect was described as a white male, around 5’4” and the information was broadcast.

A short time later, another officer located a suspect matching the description on the deck of another unit on 75th Street. The suspect, later identified as Charles Arthur Oakley III, 38, of Ocean City, was attempting to enter the second residence when he was located by police. The victim in the initial break-in was brought to the scene and positively identified Oakley, who was arrested and charged with fourth-degree breaking and entering and trespassing. Last week in District Court, Oakley was found guilty of fourth-degree burglary and was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Suspended Sentence
For Sex Shop Burglar

WEST OCEAN CITY — A Sykesville, Md. man arrested on burglary, theft and other charges last week after admitting a break-in at a West Ocean City adult store last September was pleaded guilty late last month to malicious destruction of property and was sentenced to 60 days in jail, all of which was suspended in favor of a fine.

Around 5 a.m. on Sept. 17, an unidentified man broke into the Red Light District. The store’s video surveillance tape showed the suspect, described as a white male with a slight build, wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, first attempting to break the store’s front door with a garden hose in the area.

When that attempt failed, the suspect then picked up a cinderblock nearby and attempted to throw it through the front door, but the block broke and the suspect’s second attempt to gain entry to the store failed. Finally, the suspect kicked the store’s door several times, causing the glass to break.

During the break-in, the suspect was cut and DNA evidence was collected from the scene. In January, using analysis of video surveillance tapes and DNA evidence, the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation (WCBI) was able to identify the suspect as William Charles Pfister, 21, of Sykesville. When questioned about the burglary, Pfister admitted breaking into the adult store and stealing a sex toy valued at $99.

Pfister was charged with second- and fourth-degree burglary, malicious destruction of property under $500 and theft under $100. Late last month, Pfister pleaded guilty to malicious destruction of property, all of which was suspended. He was also fined $200.

Hefty Fine For Illegal Smokes

SNOW HILL — A Newport News, Va. man arrested in January for attempting to transport unstamped and untaxed cigarettes through Worcester County pleaded guilty last week in Circuit Court and was hit with a large fine and placed on probation.

Around 3:15 a.m. on January 25, a Maryland State Police trooper pulled over a vehicle near the intersection of Routes 113 and 13 in the south end of the county for a speeding violation. During the traffic stop, the trooper interviewed the driver, later identified as Magheifry Ould Cheikh, 30, of Newport News, about packages observed in the vehicle.

During the interview, the driver admitted having contraband in the vehicle and ultimately admitted to transporting untaxed cigarettes. A probable cause search revealed 400 cartons of untaxed cigarettes. According to the Maryland Comptroller’s Office, the total tax loss to the state was estimated at $8,000, while the total retail sales came in at just under $24,000. Cheikh was charged with possession and transportation of untaxed cigarettes. Last week in Circuit Court, Cheikh pleaded guilty and was fined $2,000. He was also placed on probation for three years.

Assault Arrest For Slamming Baby

SALISBURY — A Salisbury woman was arrested on first-degree assault and other charges last week after allegedly slamming an infant to the deck of a porch during a domestic disturbance.

Around 1:35 a.m. last Thursday, Salisbury Police responded to a reported domestic disturbance on Cypress Street. The investigation revealed a suspect, later identified as Nicolle Sanon, 41, of Salisbury, came to the door of a residence on Cypress Street in regards to an ongoing problem. Sanon allegedly knocked on the door, which was answered by an adult female holding a two-and-half-month-old infant in her arms.

According to police reports, Sanon allegedly grabbed the infant by the hair and threw the child on the deck of the porch. The child landed on the back of his neck. Next, Sanon allegedly began assaulting the victim by punching her and pulling her hair before fleeing on foot.

The infant was transported to PRMC for treatment and the child’s condition is unknown. Sanon was located a short time later at her own residence and was arrested and charged with first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

Six Months For Embezzler

SNOW HILL — A Pocomoke woman arrested earlier this winter for embezzling over $17,000 in funds from the town’s Little League program pleaded guilty last week to two counts of theft and was sentenced to three years in jail, all but six months of which was suspended.

During the month of January, Worcester County Bureau of Investigation (WCBI) detectives conducted an investigation into a reported theft from the Pocomoke Little League. The investigation revealed a suspect, later identified as Carolann Chandler, 40, had been installed as the treasurer of the Little League at the beginning of 2011.

The investigation revealed Chandler had allegedly written numerous checks from league accounts and cashed them after endorsing them with her signature. Chandler also allegedly used withdrawal slips for the account to obtain cash from the bank. The total amount verified during the investigation came to $17,495.

Chandler was arrested in February at her residence and was interviewed about the missing funds, during which she admitted her involvement in the scheme. She was charged with 13 counts of theft under $1,000, five counts of theft from $1,000 to $10,000 and one count of theft scheme from $10,000 to under $100,000. Last week in Circuit Court, Chandler pleaded guilty to two counts of theft scheme and was sentenced to three years in jail, all but six months of which was suspended. She was also placed on probation for two years upon her release and was fined $600.

Warrant Out For Alleged Shoplifter

SNOW HILL — A Frankford, Del. woman arrested on theft and other charges in January after a broadcast went out seeking her for shoplifting from West Ocean City outlet stores failed to appear for trial last week and had a warrant sworn out for her arrest.

Shortly after 1 p.m. on Jan. 8, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office was given a broadcast to be on the lookout for three suspects in a black vehicle leaving the White Marlin Mall in West Ocean City. The three suspects were wanted for questioning in regard to a shoplifting that had occurred at the Carter’s clothing store in the mall.

A Worcester County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over the suspected vehicle on westbound Route 50 after the driver threw a cigarette butt out of the window that landed on the patrol vehicle. The driver was identified as Shannon O’Hara Lee Irving, 23, of Frankford. Irving told the deputy her Delaware license was suspended. It was also determined she was driving a rental vehicle but was not allowed to per the rental agreement.

During the investigation, the deputy observed in plain view a pile of children’s clothes on the rear passenger side floor on which a Carter’s tag was seen. During a subsequent probable cause search, other clothes with tags on them were discovered and Irving had no receipts for any of the merchandize. Irving later admitted taking the clothing from stores without paying for them.

Several items were taken from Carter’s, Aeropostale and The Gap totaling over $450 in merchandize from all three stores.

Irving was arrested and charged with theft and numerous traffic violations. Her case was scheduled to be heard last week, but she failed to appear and had a warrant sworn out for her arrest.