NEW FOR FRIDAY: Take Pride In Berlin Week Begins Tomorrow With Clean Up Day

NEW FOR FRIDAY: Take Pride In Berlin Week Begins Tomorrow With Clean Up Day

BERLIN — As core partners in the newly expanded Take Pride in Berlin Week, the Town of Berlin, Grow Berlin Green (GBG), International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) and Worcester County Health Department will be offering participating volunteers more than just the opportunity to make a difference in the community.

Folks who come out for the Clean Up Day scheduled for the morning of April 21 and Berlin Trail Mix on April 28 won’t just be full of pride, they will also come away with a bag full of green goodies.

All of the Take Pride partners have chipped in to provide re-usable shopping bags to event participants.  But the bags won’t be empty.  GBG will be providing all volunteers in the Take Pride event with a comprehensive resource packet chock full of information, tips and tools for how citizens can live a greener life in their homes, neighborhoods and daily activities. 

The partnership project of Assateague Coastal Trust, Lower Shore Land Trust and Maryland Coastal Bays Program will also be offering up to 50 Berlin residents who do not currently recycle free recycling bins as an inducement for households to increase their participation in the Town’s curbside recycling service.  They will also be providing free compact fluorescent light bulbs to promote energy conservation and selling raffle tickets to win a free rain barrel to conserve water.

“We want everybody who gives of their time to make our town cleaner on April 21 and more Walkable and Bikeable on the April 28 to not only be enlightened by the experience, but also enriched with resources that can help them show their pride in our community every day,” said Steve Farr of GBG.  “Conserving resources and changing behaviors to make our town and our world a better place can’t be limited to one week in April; it should be a life-long commitment. We want to give people the information and tools to make every week Take Pride Week.”

And for those who will not be able to participate in either of the two Take Pride events, but want to participate during Take Pride Week and beyond, here is a sampling of ideas for actions you can consider from GBG:

Top of Form

Maintain A Green Home And Garden

Use nontoxic cleaning products

Reduce mail by receiving online statements and reducing junk mail 


Create a wildlife habitat 

Reduce stormwater runoff through rain gardens, rain barrels (available from GBG), cisterns, and reducing pervious surfaces

Plant native plants, shrubs and trees, especially in buffer zones next to ditches, streams and bays

Conserve Energy

Reduce "vampire" electricity use by unplugging electronics or plugging them into power strips 

Use a programmable thermostat 

Purchase renewable energy like wind power 

Conduct an energy audit (free audits available from Town of Berlin)

Install a solar water heater 

Reduce Auto Dependence

Walk, bike, or take public transportation to neighborhood errands or on local outings

Purchase products online (5 points)

Make a lower emissions choice when you drive (reduce number of family cars; use Zipcar; drive a hybrid, minicar, or scooter) 

Set up a carpool for a regular group or meeting (i.e. place of worship, children’s sports team, or a civic group) 

Shop Responsibly

Use reusable shopping bags (available from GBG), coffee/tea mugs, and water bottles 

Purchase products made from recycled materials 

Purchase fair trade and organic products 

Instead of new items, buy or find used products from thrift stores, yard sales, or online 

Commit to buying food and other products from local farmers and businesses 

Green Your Community

Participate in a local conservation project (contact GBG for opportunities)

Voice support for clean energy legislation 

Organize a green living discussion group, club, happy hour, or committee 

Organize your friends and neighbors to clean up the neighborhood 

Green your place of worship, office, or school