Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Stop The Subsidizing

The proposed increase in the OC tax rate from $.395 to $.4685 represents a tax rate increase of 18.6 percent.

My assessed value didn’t decrease by that percentage. The City Council needs to look for more cuts instead of raising rates to that level.

OC is paying for services that the county should be paying for (police, fire, ambulance, public works, etc.), yet property owners in OC don’t get a tax differential from the county.

OC property owners continue to subsidize the rest of Worcester County. This has to stop now.
David Fox
Ocean City

Animal Control Does
Not Deserve Criticism

Regarding last week’s story “County Defends Cat ‘Massacre’”, first my condolences the owners who lost their pets. I am sorry for your loss. I believe each animal is a unique and valuable soul.

That is why I have been volunteering at Worcester County Animal Control several times per week for over two years. In a case like this, there is a lot of misinformation flying back and forth, which is why three different newspapers present different facts. Emotions run rampant and people fail to think clearly. Instead, accusations are hurled and blame placed on others.

Some facts are the best way to keep your cat safe is to keep it inside. Many studies show this. If you must let your cat out, try your utmost to have it wear a breakaway safety collar. Microchip your cat. Often spayed and neutered pets have an ear tipped or a tattoo on the belly. This is a good idea as it identifies the cat as most likely being a pet.

Another fact is that recently rabies, a fatal disease, has been epidemic in Worcester County. I personally know two members of the public who had to be treated after exposure to rabid cats. The cats did not show any symptoms of rabies at the time of exposure but did have rabies. Any animal with a wound of unknown origin that does not have proof of vaccination must be kept in isolation.

Ms. Zimmerman alleges the cat’s wounds were caused by the cage but how does she know for sure? Her cat could have been attacked by a feral cat, a groundhog or a raccoon. My two cats are strictly kept inside to ensure their safety. Both are spayed, wear collars and are microchipped. I have seen too many sad cases of lost, injured and accidentally killed pets to do otherwise.

Finally, please do not vilify the Animal Control officers. They all have pets themselves and love animals. Volunteering there for over two years I have personally seen them go over and above their duties specified by law on numerous occasions.

For instance, Chief Sue Rantz personally warmed up and fed via syringe two tiny kittens who were too weak to eat. They had been left in a cat carrier in a frigid weather and were close to death. Now they are beautiful healthy playful grey brothers available for adoption. In addition, Animal Control gives turned in pets and dogs past strayhold time as much chance for adoptions as possible rather than deeming them poor adoption candidates and euthanizing them.

Last year this included an elderly blind poodle, a puppy with bone deformities due to rickets, an emaciated great dane, and older mix with cherry eye, a dog with horrible wounds due to an embedded collar and much more. All were adopted. So please do not hurl accusations when you do not have all the facts. Be part of the solution not the problem with your own animal companions. If you want to do more volunteer at Animal Control and see for yourself. They have a sign in the lobby, “Kindness matters.” And they believe it does.

Susanne Hoshino