Voices From The Readers

Thanks You To Legion

I wish to thank the American Legion Post # 166 for the “WELCOME HOME” held at the Post this past Thursday. The chow was great and the company outstanding.

For those that pulled a tour of duty in that rice hole known as Vietnam this was a very welcome change from what most of us have come to expect. Most of us were able to handle our tours of duty much more successfully than our return to the real world. It was a shock to most of us to find upon our return that not only did most Americans not give a damn about us, but a great many actually held us in contempt.

It was 41 years ago to the month that I returned from my WestPac tour. The Fleet Marine Force’s were fortunate to have withdrawn a bit earlier than some of the Army and Air Force units still in country.

It was refreshing to have a welcome home message, some veterans to share sea stories with, and spend some time with folks that genuinely appreciated our service. On behalf of a table full of Marines I just want to let you know that it was a job well done and very much appreciated. Semper Fi,

Fred Wise
Ocean City
(The writer is the commandant of the1st State Detachment Marine Corps League.)

Clarifying Letter

Please let me clean up a few things about my critical Tea Party letter. There were two misprints. The first was to read “commodity speculation” not “community speculation.”

The second should have read “don’t you baggers see” not “buggers” as it appeared. I sincerely apologize for that. The Fox News comments were not my opinion alone; they are shared by people smarter than myself.

However, Tea Party seniors should watch what they wish for. Those that think that social programs don’t work and want them cut should include Medicare in that mix. Paul Ryan, Tea Party darling, has proposed a voucher plan replacing Medicare with a surefire loser for seniors on a fixed income.

Mark my words; if the G.O.P gets control in Washington you will lose your Medicare. The very rich are milking your tax dollars and care not what damage they do. People should wake up and really see what’s going on. We the people are being screwed by the crooked few. Read something new and learn, please.

Andy Vanderwerff
Ocean City