Decatur Track Teams Cruise in First Meet

BERLIN- Stephen Decatur’s varsity outdoor track teams cruised to victory in their season-opening meets last week with both the boys’ and girls’ teams finishing first in total team points.

The Decatur boys finished with 276 total team points in the six-school meet, while Easton finished second with 99 points and Northampton was third with 92. The Seahawk girls also finished first with 275 team points, followed by Easton with 134.5 and Northampton with 35.

On the boys’ side, in the 110 hurdles, Decatur’s Greg Petersen was first, Spenser Cardenas was third, Tyler Coppinger was fourth and Lucas Duker was fifth. In the 100, Decatur’s James Mapp was second, Javonshae Farmer was fifth and Tayevon Mills was seventh. In the 1,600, Decatur’s Lance Ward was first, Nick Molitor was second, Andrew Bradshaw was sixth and Jacob Eisenman was ninth.

In the 400, it was Chris David of Decatur finishing first, while Dan Winters was second. Decatur’s Kevin Herbert finished first in the 3,200, while Jacob Gaddis was third and Spencer Cropper was seventh. In the 300 hurdles, Petersen took second, while Cardenas was fourth, Duker was fifth and Coppinger was sixth. Mapp finished first in the 200, while Ruben Ortega was sixth. The Decatur boys also did well in the relays, finishing first in the 4×400, first in the 4×800, third in the 4×200 and third in the 4×100.

In the discus, Tony Sullivan finished first, Tyheam Purnell was second, Connor Neville was third, John Lewis was sixth and Brandon Storm was ninth. In the shot put, Nick Craven was first, Tyheam Purnell was second, Storm was third, Patrick Phillips was fifth and Neville was ninth. Petersen finished first in the high jump, while Duker was third and Cameron Gaynor was seventh. In the long jump, Jakhai Woodard was second and Cardenas was sixth. Petersen finished first in the triple jump, while Gaynor was second, Cardenas was third and Duker was fifth. Sonny Aroh finished third in the pole vault, while Corey Campbell was fourth.

On the girls’ side, in the 100 hurdles, Jessica Galuardi was first, Isabella Iampieri was second, Emily Kolarik was third and Bianca Alvarado was fourth. In the 100, it was Rebecca Lederman finishing second and Amari Harmon finishing sixth. Chloe FauntLeroy finished first in the 1,600, while Lauren Buckman was second and Alexandra Tushup was fourth.

In the 400, Rayvn Saunders finished first and Meya Chilengi was sixth. Buckman finished first in the 3,200, while Anastasia Priest was third. Kolarik finisihed third in the 300 hurdles, while Alvarado was fourth. Lederman was first in the 200. In the 800, FauntLeroy was first, Rayvn Saunders was second and Elizabeth Rougcher was fifth. The Decatur girls were first in the 4×400, second in the 4×100, first in the 4×800 and third in the 4×200.

In the field events, Katie Purnell was first in the long jump, while Buckman was third and Tiara Waters was fourth. Ameerah Lewis finished first in the shot put, followed by Antonia Green in second and Erika Henry in third. Christine Timko finished first in the pole vault, while Kacie Moore and Ashley Hrebik tied for second. Henry was first in the discus, while Lewis was second and Antonia Green was fourth. Alexandra Saunders was first in the high jump, while Purnell was third. Purnell also finished first in the triple jump.