OC Elementary Honors February Students Of The Month

Ocean City Elementary School honored the February Students of the Month with a special t-shirt, luncheon and tasty cake sponsored by Heritage Plumbing Services. Pictured, first row, are first grade honorees Nicole Telo, Brady Marshall, Sophie Krasner, Kameron Harris, Lauren Hoffman, and Carlie Gates; second row, second graders Matthew Janson, Milena Olerta, Gavin Vent, Megan Wheeler, and Mac Gates; third row, third graders Logan Bowers-Flannery, Ja’bria Lewis, Yasmeen Sbih, Brooke Warthen, Allison Marx, and Zitlhaly Lopez-Camacho; and, back, fourth graders Bridget Buxbaum, Benjamin Wilkins, McKayla Oates, Richard Poist and Nicole Saldana-Aldazabal.