Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Extremism On Display

In the Feb. 24, 2012 issue, James A. Hoage of Severna Park once again comes forth with his extreme left wing views. This time, he not only rants against capitalist excesses, he rants against capitalism itself. Mr. Hogue strongly supports the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) mob, and asks us to “Join OWS,” as though it was a movement and not simply a slogan. But he is in good company; President Obama is on his side.

Hoage then warns us there is further to come with more cities becoming involved, saying there are "… 300 million potential occupiers.” I find this odd because our citizens are overwhelmingly against these lawless mobs that demonstrate and squat without permit; who drink, smoke, and shoot illegal substances; who assault their fellow anarchists; and, who relieve themselves whenever and wherever they find it convenient without regard to private property. “Private property!” Now, that’s a constitutional concept with which Mr. Hoage should familiarize himself.

But there is more. Hoage threatens "… many new sites — like banks and their foreclosed homes — wait to be occupied." So it’s the banks that are the culprits, and not Hoage’s idols, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, who demanded the government give mortgages to those they already knew were clearly unqualified. Business is always Hoage’s enemy. He, with his socialist-leaning ideology, cannot comprehend that the true enemy is arrogant, out-of-control, and overreaching government.

Angelo Floria
Ocean City

Prayers For Writer
This refers to the letter in the Feb. 24 issue from James Hoage.

Quite obviously, he has never studied the history of the last century, and surely not any American history. The implied threatening tone of his letter is unpardonable and not deserving of response. His admiration of the Occupy Wall Street mob puts him in clear focus.

This OWS mob, who murdered, raped, and violated the law in many vile, obscene and degenerate acts in public view, were financially supported by George Soros and a few others who will never be described as decent, upstanding Americans.

I cannot judge any man’s motives, but this guy’s attitude screams out for our prayers.
Wm. G. Dillon
Ocean Pines

Anniversary Celebrated

On March 5, 2012, the Girl Scouts of America celebrated their 100th Anniversary and on March 12, the Girl Scouts of the Eastern Shore Chesapeake Bay will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

Girl Scouts of the USA is the largest organization in the world founded by Juliette Gordon Low 100 years ago. We now serve over 3.2 million Girl Scouts at the Chesapeake Bay Council. We serve over 20,000 girls, proclaiming 2012, the “Year of the Girl”.
The Girl Scouts of the Eastern Shore Chesapeake Bay provide a quality, contemporary innovative program designed to help all girls grow strong by developing value, life-like skills, leadership and self-esteem in a pluralistic environment, while empowering each girl to achieve her full potential and a joy for living.

We gratefully express our gratitude to the wonderful people, business organizations and newspapers for the generous support with publicity and the purchasing of Girl Scout cookies. Their year round support is how the girls receive life-long change that builds better communities.

For more information on joining, volunteering with or donating to the Girl Scouts in your community, please call the local office at 410-742-5107 or 302-456-7150.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Anna Foultz
Ocean Pines

No Need To Raze
OP Yacht Club

Regarding the Ocean Pines Yacht Club, the other evening, I had an interesting conversation with four other gentlemen, who had experience in the construction industry. The unanimous agreement was that a tear down was wasteful and unnecessary.

Anyone who read and understood the engineers’ report would realize that there is no near term danger and what needs to be repaired can be done so in short order and for a lot less than $2.5 million that has been bandied about.

For example, the engineer’s comment about repairing the three pilings is only one method and not necessary. Next, in case you haven’t guessed, $2.5 million isn’t even close.

The demolition and removal of debris would be between $200,000 and $300,000. That is if no asbestos is found. And where, pray tell is the figure for re-paving, landscaping and general re-working of the grounds. I would be surprised if the total cost would be less that $4,000,000.

To look at this from a different direction, to my knowledge the yacht club has never made money. This is with zero capital investment.

Now, how much of return would we need to pay the real or imputed interest on a figure north of two and a half million.

As an aside to these less than cheerful thoughts, on Saturday, Feb. 25, we had the best meal we have had in 11 years. That, in case no one ever thought of it, is the only real business plan a restaurant needs. It is called good food. Not great even, just good.

Finally, at the last yacht club presentation, Terri Mohr, one of the directors, got up at the end to thank Mr. Thompson, but then requested people show up to over-shadow the (her term) nay sayers. Well, I’m one.

Jon Ferdinand
Ocean Pines

Benefit A Delight

I had the fun fortune to attend a gathering of old friends celebrating a continued life of surfing, fathering, husbanding, constructing, coaching, mentoring and being one of the good ole guys of the Ocean City area.

Nearly 400 connected friends held a "happy hour with Steve (Falck)" at the Bonfire Saturday evening. As a relative newcomer to OC, I was struck with the true friendships, some stretching three generations, that were part of this benefit for Steve and his fight with a debilitating physical condition.

Old-time OC stories were filtering around a crowded room, one with guys like myself that might not ever had met a necktie they ever liked. To say the least, it was refreshing.

An old friend of Steve’s, seen constantly around town mentioned that it was a room full of the "good guys", not always the gatherings he must attend. No politics, no naysaying, certainly no backstabbing, just genuine love for one another and the ability to enjoy life in the old OC way. Those who have been able to interact with Steve knows that’s the way he likes it. Nearly 400 liked it that way and I’m sure plenty others want it to be that way every day here at the "shore". Put a little Steve in your life and everyday will feel good.

Special shout out thanks to the Leiners at the Bonfire for packing us in for such a great celebration.

Bob Buckler
Ocean City

What’s City’s Total Cost
For Removing Dare?

Many voters would love to know what the total cost will be, from beginning to end, to find a new City Manager.

Just to make a statement that we want to go in another direction may end up costing the taxpayers a small fortune. This is from the City Council members that are so concerned about what the city has spent in the past.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M Marx
Ocean City