State Awards OCDC Pair Of $50K Grants

OCEAN CITY – The Ocean City Developmental Corporation (OCDC) scored funding from the state this year to bolster two of its programs.

Last week Executive Director Glenn Irwin learned the OCDC will receive grants for $50,000 for the façade program and $50,000 for the green building initiative program.

“The OCDC is very pleased with our funding awards this year,” Irwin said.  “The OCDC Façade Improvement Program has been our most successful program and the $50,000 award will allow us to continue this program for another year.”

OCDC expects to work with the downtown property owners and businesses to renovate 12 to 14 buildings with the funds.

“The OCDC Green Building Initiatives Program award for $50,000 will allow us to continue this program, too,” Irwin said.  “This program was only started last year and has been almost as popular as our façade program.”

The Green Building Initiative Program promotes the installation of energy rated items such as windows, doors and insulation for downtown businesses.  Irwin said that in the past three months OCDC has seen three “cool roof” projects completed that use Energy Star Rated shingles that partially reflect the summer sun to keep the building cooler.

Like the façade program, the Green Building Initiative Program will pay a third of the total cost of such improvements and with this year’s funding OCDC expects to complete another 15 projects within this program.

“The timing of these awards is perfect as we are nearly complete with the spending and obligating of last year’s awards from the Community Legacy Program,” Irwin said. 

Irwin said previous state awards have helped Ocean City in many ways.  For example, the façade program has resulted in over $4 million of private investment in downtown properties. According to Irwin, the façade projects have encouraged substantial renovation work for local contractors and others.

“As the OCDC continues its land acquisition pursuits with the Town of Ocean City, the future goal is to attract new development that will increase the tax base and increased employment and business opportunities,” Irwin said.