Non-Profit Group Brings Construction Expertise To Md.

BERLIN — After almost 15 years of success in Delaware, Contractors for a Cause (CFAC), a non-profit construction organization, has decided to set up shop in Worcester County.

“They’ve done amazing things in Delaware,” said Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services (WYFCS) Director of Development and Donor Relations Stefanie Gordy.

WYFCS, along with Diakonia, a transitional living shelter in West Ocean City, was responsible for attracting CFAC to Maryland, according to President Jim Kyger.

“We’re going to help Worcester Youth and Family with some of their needs,” said Kyger.

He also mentioned wanting to work with Diakonia and said he hopes to set up special committees to focus on each organization. There is, said Kyger, a broader impact as well that CFAC could have on Worcester.

“We can take a quarter and turn it into a dollar,” he said.

Composed mostly of contractors and their associates, Kyger asserted that CFAC projects “help the community, and help businesses.” In Delaware, the group has done everything from installing handicap ramps on homes through its Helping Hands program to constructing a $600,000 house in Bethany Beach for the Justin W. Jennings Foundation that is used for recreation and vacations by families coping with cancer. CFAC built the house at no cost to the foundation and raised the money through various fundraisers.

“What we’ve done in Sussex is unprecedented,” said Kyger.

He revealed that the organization hopes to do the same kinds of projects in Worcester in the future. To do so, however, Kyger said CFAC needs committed members and new ideas for fundraising.  

According to Kyger, interest in Worcester contractors so far has been solid if not overwhelming. He admitted that the program is not as well known in Maryland as Delaware but was optimistic about it catching on. In the meantime, he said CFAC is happy with the support already secured.

For contractors who may be interested in joining but worried about the commitment required, Kyger guaranteed that CFAC is flexible.

“It’s as much or as little as you can put in,” he said.
For more information or to volunteer, call 302-537-2280 or email