OC Elementary School January Students Of The Month

Ocean City Elementary School honored the January Students of the Month with a special T-shirt, a luncheon, sponsored by Bunting Landscaping, and a tasty cake.  First grade honorees, first row, are Kora Ketner, Reese Robins, Collin Bunting, Connor Herr and Rife Leonard; second graders, second row, Sophia Haines, Janaesha Carson, Phillip Rittersbacher, Kassidy Ford, Danielle Consigli and Owen McAdams;  third graders, third row,  Victoria Mueller, Arusa Islam, Lydia Woodley, Steven Hoffman, Colin Porter and Maddy Kiesewetter; and fourth graders, back row, Isaac Gillin, Alijah Lewis, Grayson Wolf, Keegan Mitchell, Leslie Zamora-Espinoza and Aly Matha. Submitted Photos