‘Spokesdog’ Contest Winner Announced

‘Spokesdog’ Contest Winner Announced

OCEAN CITY – Last Thursday the winner of the Maryland Coastal Bays Program (MCBP) “Spokesdog” contest was announced as dogs and owners, as well as pups from Paws and Claws pet store, gathered to “celebrate the beginning of a countywide effort to battle against poopetraitors”.

The “Spokesdog” contest is the initial launch of an outreach program to engage responsible dog owners in getting the message across that dog waste has an impact on the environment and waterways.

The “Spokesdog” winner is a Labrador Retriever named Summer, she received 2,261 votes. Unfortunately, she has experienced a torn ACL so the runner up, a Pembrooke Welsh Corgi by the name of Handsome George, will be filling her duties. Handsome George received 1,829 votes.

According to a profile, Summer’s favorite pastime is to swim in the Assawoman Bay and catch her stuffed fish. Her favorite snack is marrow bones, and her special talent includes being a graduate of the advanced level obedience, a strong swimmer, and a great retriever.

“I always make sure I go to the bathroom before I go for a swim and my owners always have a net and bag handy,” Summer’s profile says of her eco-lifestyle and how she keeps the waterways clean.

Handsome George loves to snack on dehydrated sweet potatoes and his favorite pastime is fetching a tennis ball or playing with toys. His special talent is simply that he loves everyone, and his favorite activity is digging holes in the sand.

“I never leave anything behind from my walks,” Handsome George’s profile reads. “I believe we should reduce our paw print in this world.”

Over 40 dog owners registered their dogs to help MCBP get the message across that dog waste left on the ground eventually makes its way to our waterways. The new MCBP “Spokesdog” will be appearing throughout the year at various functions providing the “scoop on poop”. Summer will receive a gift basket from Paws and Claws and Handsome George will receive a gift certificate from Berlin Animal and Farm Supplies.

According to MCBP, rainwater washes dog waste into streams and eventually into the coastal bays and ocean. A single gram of dog droppings can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which is nearly twice as much as human waste.

The best way to dispose of your pet’s waste is to flush it down the toilet because it will be treated at a sewage treatment plant. The next best thing is to collect it in a plastic bag and put it in the trash.