OC Elementary Honors October Students Of The Month

Ocean City Elementary School honored the October Students of the Month with a luncheon and cake sponsored by Kendall Home Furnishings. Pictured, above, first row, first graders Julianna Johnston, Devin Phillips, Riley Moyer, Jack Greenwood and Renee Fohner; second row, second graders Hannah Short, Jake Gillespie, Darby Moore, Makayla Brown, Emma Carey and Lorelei Auker; third row, third graders Irwin Cabello-Vargas, David Francia-Gomez, Dillon Brown, Isabella Vazquez, Mackenzie Barrett and Brandon Hannon; and, back, fourth graders Rhiannon Howared, Lilly Castellanos-Avalos, Betul Yucel, Kayla Janek, Ryan Ethridge and Katie Mitchell. Submitted Photos