Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Arrogance Disturbing


The “Four” have now discarded all pretense of directing Ocean City in the way we voters elected them for.

Right after Council President Jim Hall told the Citizens For Ocean City that the future would hold a process of discussion, compromise and transparency, he announced at the last council meeting the pavement issue would be a 4 to 3 vote.

This continuing arrogance is very disturbing.

The “Four” have shown no interest in the opinions of the other three members of the Council, the Mayor, or it seems the staff.

Like this vote, the “Four” have continually presented issues that have the outcome already determined.

This method of government is an Oligarchy not a Democracy.

The “Four” should be reminded the voters elected seven members of the board and a mayor to govern this beautiful city in a progressive manner.

I only can hope the citizens both resident and non-residents will remember this abandonment of the form of government we voted for.

Charlie Barrett
Ocean City
Berlin Applauded


I read the Oct. 21 edition with great interest, especially the salary comps published. To be honest and fair, I cannot vote in our beautiful town because we live in South Point. Even so, I have a real place in my heart for Berlin and my ancestral roots go very deep here.

It is good that we have interested citizens trying to keep our politicians honest. The salaries seem more than fair to me. Berlin is always a number one show place when we have out of town guests. Our grown children enjoy visiting and shopping in Berlin as well. Everyone can see that it is well run and very lovely. I am thrilled also that one of our grown sons will be married next year in Ocean City and will soon be residing here with his new wife.

We applaud the Mayor and City Council for their imagination and leadership.

Joan Cropper Vetare
Missed Opportunity


Having read the letter from Hardwire CEO George Tunis, I think we’ve lost an opportunity. I think residents nearby to the rifle range never had a clear picture of the opportunity he offered. I think reconsideration by all involved would be best for our community.

Yes, Worcester County has a rifle range where even machine guns are commonly used.

What I foresaw for our community with small scale engineering tests was a presence at the Worcester County Training Range that was willing to maintain the area better and, importantly, a user who would notify locals of testing times.

George Tunis said his charges were going to be smaller than charges previously detonated in Newark. He said that military testing protocols for the armor he protects troops with create a noise-dampening effect because the charges are buried. He said that instead of open-air/flat surface testing as previous AFT training had been, his would be buried and surrounded by woods. They would still go boom, but quieter.

Finding a much-needed training and testing site here is like choosing a landfill site near Denver: It’s all breathtakingly beautiful but they still must have a landfill.

Much of our seacoast is indeed beautiful, too, but this isn’t about further scaring of the old borrow pit nor burying of trash.

It’s about single detonations.

Deer still browse near the county range despite thousands of machine-gun rounds. Ducks still use the bayfront salt ponds.

Eagles positively thrive at Aberdeen Proving Grounds where fantastically more powerful explosions take place almost daily.

Animals generally do thrive where people are absent.

Unfortunately, Aberdeen’s off limits to our local manufacturer except when summoned for military testing. He has to take a truckload of money elsewhere for small-scale engineering tests.

I say this to Worcester County’s residents: George Tunis is a man of his word. Let us see and hear for ourselves whether there is intolerable noise from these tests, Let local residents dispel their notions and know facts — test the various charges.

I believe Newark will benefit when they know the truth.

Give Hardwire a chance. Let ATF or the OC Bomb Squad noise-test various charges.

In all of my 30-plus years at sea, several times a week the ocean’s quiet tranquility is shattered with the sonic booms of Navy jets on training maneuvers. They’re clear to go supersonic outside 20 nautical miles. Hurts your ears, rattles your bones, scares the tar out of you — the sound of freedom.

I think Worcester County can survive and endure smaller scale noise a few days a year that our soldiers might survive a direct hit in battle. What cost would we not bear that they might enjoy the benefit of coming home. Ours is only the cost of an extra rumble of thunder, a sound of freedom that rolls across our bay and farmland, soon to become as peaceful as a father’s hug returned from battle.

Hardwire’s products brings soldiers home alive.

Capt. Monty Hawkins

Big Hearts In OC


I wish to publicly thank my community for once again, proving that Ocean City has the biggest heart on Delmarva.

On Thursday, Oct. 20, The Friends of Dave Morgan, a newly formed charitable organization to benefit a local man who was the victim of a horrendous hit and run accident, threw a fundraiser to directly benefit Dave.

It was graciously held by the owners of Fish Tales, Donna and Shawn Harman.

It was the perfect place, filled with fun and benevolent local folks. The staff at Fish Tales went above and beyond, cheerfully assisting in every aspect. A special note of thanks to their tireless kitchen manager, Danielle Barardi, my right arm gal, Holly Strawley, my right arm man, Brandon Hemp, servers extraordinaire, Mariah, Trina, and Lurch. And behind the bar, donating all of their hard earned tips, Bill Morningstar and Kelly Freburger including guest bartenders, Kanook, V., and Cha Cha.

In fact, everyone that worked at Fish Tales that night was helpful and kind. Extra shout out to Donna, and Brandon and Julie Hemp for the super Scooter Scavenger Hunt and all the businesses that sponsored it: Cork Bar, Bearded Clam, Buxy’s, Pit N Pub, Bull on the Beach, Harborside, Mother’s Cantina, JC’s, and Red Sun for the awesome T-shirts.

With one more shout to Donna Harman for making one beautiful (Redskin) barstool, and three hideous ones (Ravens, Steelers, and Eagles). Ha. They raised much money so thanks.

To all the many, many businesses that gave so generously, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I grew up here, and I’ve seen what I call the "local love" in action countless times. It’s something that makes my heart swell with pride. We had wonderful items and gift certificates donated by over 100 local businesses.

I would like to add an extra note of thanks to a few that completely overwhelmed me with their magnanimity: the Bonfire Restaurant, Fager’s Island, Phillips Crab House and K Coast Surf Shop.

Great big thanks to Fish Tales for providing some of the delicious food that night, along with food from us (Adolfo’s), Satellite Thai and Peppers Tavern. To all of the gals that brought homemade goodies, Rita, Gina, Brandi, and all of you, thank you for taking the time to make those yummies. Thanks to Wesso for donating his time and keychain photos to the event.

To all of the folks that really pounded the pavement to ask for and collect donations, (not an easy task), I thank you so very much. Extra grateful hugs to Mary Mitchell, Vanessa Founds, Rita Wilson, Marty Vanicky, Linda Rankins, Tyler Layton, my BBF, Angie Barton, and Molly.

I’d like to thank BK and everyone at Ocean 98.1, who continually gave shout outs and info about the fundraiser weeks in advance. Thanks to Shawn Harman for always stopping by the station to chat it up.

Finally, I’d like to thank my husband, David "Kanook" Griffin, for giving me all the time I needed to make this happen for our friend, my old barback and his old busboy, Dave Morgan.

For making some delicious food for the function, for closing our restaurant, Adolfo’s, that Thursday evening so that our staff could be a part of the benefit.

Mostly, I’d like to thank him and his very dear friend, Chuck Mitchell, for awkwardly climbing into those Sumo wrestling suits and putting on a hilarious show. Hey, that raised an extra $200. So many people threw money to see that happen.

All in all, it was a positive night filled with generosity of spirit and love.

I’m very proud of my hometown right now, so don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart, ya just gotta poke around.

Thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart.

Kimberly Griffin
Ocean City