Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Power, Agenda Key


It was Ocean City Councilman Joe Hall who recently said, if I read it correctly, “We have been very clear since we took power that we have an agenda….”

And there it is. Power and agenda. Words that presidents and world leaders often think, but shudder to utter publicly. And only the clueless would cobble them in the same short, telling sentence. The world, according to the City Council, may be a scary place to live.

In the matter of the firing of Dennis Dare, let us hope that the former city manager’s severance package includes a red cell phone with unlimited minutes. That phone will always be ringing, its callers seeking answers to town specifics. As I see it, Mr. Dare has been the only person in Ocean City government who actually possessed the knowledge of Ocean City’s detailed operations for decades.

Dare would no doubt tire of his special phone, even though it would operate on its own power. Maybe even its own agenda.

Frederick Clifford Cropper
Ocean City
Majority Has It All Wrong


Let me see if I have this right, four members of the Ocean City Council choose to rid themselves of City Manager Dennis Dare because they see the town of Ocean City moving in a different direction.

It would have been far better to have left Dennis Dare where he was and for Joe Hall, Jim Hall, Margaret Pillas and Brent Ashley to be moving in a different direction, preferably across the Route 50 bridge.

It is my understanding that two of these members have already crossed that bridge and are living there. Let the games begin.

Mary Dean
Ocean City
Sin Sign Disturbing


Thank goodness the "Sex Style" sign is gone from the business in North Ocean City, only to be replaced from one far worse When you enter town from the north, you see "Welcome to Ocean City" and then a few blocks later, you read "Sin City", where Sex Style used to be. How can this happen? How can this be allowed?

This store is right next to a miniature golf course where children play. Is Ocean City now to be called "Sin City"? What kind of advertisement is this for our "family" resort? Not only does this big "red" sign welcome tourists to our town, but the female mannequins are still displayed in the windows wearing their provocative lingerie for all to see.

We are very fortunate to have a wonderful police department and I appreciate them cleaning up pornography and drugs on our Boardwalk, but they should clean up the north end of town too. There are a lot of year-round residents and voters in this area and I believe our City Council members should take another look at the types of businesses and signs they are allowing to operate in our town.

Shirley Marx
Ocean City
Council Overhaul Needed


In response to the unbelievable actions of the City Council concerning our city manager, I have a pretty good feeling there will be a tremendous increase at the polls next year. I for one cannot wait to get there.

It looks like four council members will be right behind Mr. Dare. If not, there is something wrong with the voters of this town. I can see the town council has no idea what direction anything is going. A good house cleaning has been needed for some time now, and the voters need to step up to the plate come election time.

Bill Grape
Ocean City
Study Features Foundation


Over the last year, the Center for Effective Philanthropy in Cambridge, Mass., has been conducting a study of strategic effectiveness of community foundations. They studied the planning and engagement practices of community foundations across the country and conducted in-depth interviews with 30 community foundation CEO’s. The results of their study have now been released to the philanthropic community and media.

In the study, they offer three community foundations as examples of strategic thinking and action that is effective in helping them stay connected with donors and their communities. The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore is one of the three foundations featured in the study.

We are honored to be offered as an example of best practices for our industry. The report speaks well to the work done by our board, staff and committees to put forward the work of the Foundation. The report concludes that at CFES, “programmatic strategy plays an important role in ensuring its funds are effectively mobilized.” The study commends our Foundation for open communications with donors and the nonprofit community, capacity-building efforts to support local nonprofits, programs that help local nonprofits organizations reach out to the community, and success at maintaining feedback loops across all three counties served.

All of us associated with the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore are proud of this recognition. However, we know it does not speak of our efforts alone. It speaks to the philanthropic nature of the Lower Shore. Once again we are reminded of how fortunate we are to be able to work with great nonprofit and faith-based organizations and alive among such caring neighbors.

Spicer Bell

(The writer is the president of the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore.)

Give Non-Residents A Vote


Yeah, it’s about time we had some action here on the OC political front. And what a coincidence, tying in with my recent letter published by our papers a few weeks ago, where I made an analogy between the Congress of the US and the Ocean City Council.

The point was/is made as to these politicians who just want to hang around indefinitely and that term limits must be established. For example, the mayor, Mr. Meehan, thinks the ship of state just can’t sail unless he is at the helm. ("Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.")

One irate local took to the microphone saying if he had his way he’d fire "all of you". Yep, it’s obvious the natives are restless, dancing around the beach bonfires in a warlike manor and pounding their drums or, is this what is known as the "sound and fury signifying nothing?"

Ocean City Council Secretary Lloyd Martin had the most astute observation on Mr. Dare’s removal; by referring to the historically low voter turnout in last October’s election. He said, "Change is not the right thing to do now, Hopefully, people will see what happens when they don’t come out and vote." Amen, brother.

Why don’t we make it legal for non-resident tax paying owners to vote? Then we will have a huge turnout to turn out the incumbents. Do I hear a resounding, right on?

Did the famous Will Rogers state something about voter discontent but when it comes to election time, they have forgotten the transgressions of those in office? Does this ring a bell?

Anyway, there is to be a big meeting chaired by a Mr. Groves, I believe, who spoke at the council meeting, Monday, and drew quite a round of applause. Since, I being a tax paying non-resident owner, since 1994, can’t vote, I don’t know whether I should attend and get my dander up.

I see Mr. Dare helping at the Caine Woods outings and he seems a gentle sort and I just might agree as The Dispatch headlines, "City Council Majority Reckless, Irresponsible."

Just do it. "Throw the bums out!" "Above all to thine own self be true." Shakespeare.

Jerry Courtney
Ocean City
Support Appreciated


As president of the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department, I’ve had the pleasure to experience the wonderful continued support of our community. 

The OPVFD is proud to serve the people of Ocean Pines.  We strive to provide the best possible care, response, and equipment to the community.  On Sept. 5, the winner of the 2011 New House Raffle was drawn, bringing to a close our biggest fundraising event of the year.  The raffle was a great success due to the hard work of many, especially the media which helped make the public aware of the fundraiser, and the wonderful support of all those who bought chances to win the house. 

The funds raised will allow the OPVFD to update equipment and provide the quality of protection to which we strive.  Thank you all.

Steve Rosen
Ocean Pines

(The writer is the president of the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department.)