ONLINE ONLY: Boardwalk Store Sold Illegal K-2 To Undercover Cops

ONLINE ONLY: Boardwalk Store Sold Illegal K-2 To Undercover Cops

OCEAN CITY — Just two days after an employee of the Maytalk store on the Boardwalk sold the now-illegal synthetic narcotic K-2 to undercover police detectives and taught them how to use it, OCPD officers on Thursday afternoon raided the establishment and found more than they bargained for. < ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office">

Earlier in the week, OCPD Mounted Patrol officers received a tip from a citizen regarding the sale of K-2 at Maytalk, a Boardwalk store at 2nd Street. Just two weeks ago, the Ocean City Mayor and Council passed an ordinance banning the synthetic drug, which mimics the effects of marijuana.

On Tuesday, undercover OCPD narcotics detectives conducted a compliance check at the retail store and were able to purchase K-2 from a store employee. According to police reports, the employee told the undercover officers K-2 was illegal, but agreed to sell it to them anyway. The employee also sold the officers a pipe and explained to them how to use the K-2 to get high. According to police reports, the owner of the store was present during the transaction and drug use seminar.

Around 1 p.m. on Thursday, undercover OCPD detectives wearing black hoods and masks over their faces, along with regular OCPD bicycle patrol officers, served a search and seizure warrant on the Maytalk store and recovered K-2, bath salts, paraphernalia, several fixed-blade fighting knives and Salvia Divinorum, another narcotic banned by the Ocean City Mayor and Council last year.

The owner admitted the store had been selling Salvia despite the ordinance banning the substance last year. Some contraband was found hidden in a compartment in a display case next to the cash register, which was likely the mysterious white box undercover detectives removed from the store and hustled into a nearby vehicle yesterday afternoon.

Since the passing of the ordinance two weeks ago, Ocean City Police have proactively educated store owners and managers by providing copies of the new town law as well as conducting several checks to ensure compliance.

Charges are pending against all the parties involved.