Pryor Appointed Acting City Clerk

OCEAN CITY – On Tuesday afternoon, a dependable Ocean City staff member stepped up to the plate to temporarily stand in as City Clerk.

Mayor Rick Meehan started out by stating the appointment is not something that the town has been looking forward to since the passing of former City Clerk Kathy Mathias, who recently lost her battle to cancer.

“It is an item of business that we do need to take care of today,” the mayor said. “I don’t have to tell you how everybody feels about the passing of Kathy Mathias or the fact that we have a vacancy in our hearts, in our community, and in City Hall.”

City Solicitor Guy Ayres pointed out to the council that the position needed to be filled in order to conduct city business.

Meehan made the unexpected announcement following the introduction of new Ocean City Airport Manager Jaime Giandomenico, who will also be filling Pryor’s duties at the airport.

On top of working as the grants coordinator for the city, Pryor has also stepped in to fill voids in town positions including the convention center and airport.

“I can’t tell you how fortunate we are to have somebody that is versatile and ready to take on the challenges that we put in front of him,” Meehan said.

The council voted unanimously to approve Pryor to fill in as City Clerk while the town follows the necessary procedure to advertise the position to be filled permanently.

Pryor said he was present at this week’s Mayor and City Council meeting only to show Giandomenco the short cut into town as well as the good parking spots but was appreciative of the council’s confidence in him.

“I had no idea this was going to happen…but I will not disappoint you,” Pryor said.