Truck Jumps Curbs, Ends Up In Marina

Truck Jumps Curbs, Ends Up In Marina

WEST OCEAN CITY — There was an unusual scene at a marina in West Ocean City on Monday morning after a large pick-up truck jumped a curb and ended up in the water between the bulkhead and the back of a sportfishing boat.

Early Monday morning, a GMC Sonoma inexplicably lunged over a parking curb at the Ocean City Fishing Center and dove nose first into the water between the bulkhead and the “Salt Lick” sportfishing boat. The truck’s driver was still inside when two mates working in the marina jumped into the water and pulled him to safety. One of the mates had to kick out the truck’s rear window in order to rescue the driver.

Neither the driver nor the two mates who jumped in to pull him out were injured during the incident, other than a few cuts and scrapes. However, the truck is likely a complete loss. It was pulled from its precarious position in the water by Cropper Towing a short time later.

Ocean City Fishing Center Manager Jennifer Blunt said this week it was uncertain why the truck jumped the curb and splashed into the water, although one source said it appeared the truck was stuck in gear.

“The driver really doesn’t know what happened,” said Blunt. “The truck just lunged forward, teetered and then went into the water. Two mates got him out of the truck and that was about it. In the 10 years I’ve been at the Ocean City Fishing Center, that was a first.”