Voices From The Readers

Be Happy With Jobs


In response to a recent letter criticizing Ocean City for not giving employee raises in recent years, boohoo, I’m crying for you Ocean City employees.

How many of you and how many times have you idolized and voted for your mayor — Meehan, the Hall boys, and the other council people?

"Damnocarats" tax and spend your money. You see what they want to do about the ludicrous Bay Bridge fee increases. When do you say no, no? If you want to start a fire, you don’t use dead wood. Get rid of these people.

Consider the plight of thousands of us who pay taxes and don’t have a vote. What are you complaining about? You have a job don’t you? If we had a voice in this backward operation, we could be on your side.

Ask Margaret Pillas what she intends to do about the tax differential where we are paying the county for services also provided by the city — a sad, lingering, group of local boy politicians. And you do nothing about this situation.

Jerry Courtney
Ocean City

Stop The Freeloading


While switching channels, I heard a woman who spearheaded stopping health insurance make a statement about a requirement to have medical insurance. 

I am required to have auto insurance, flood insurance if near the ocean, etc.  When someone who can afford insurance, but will not spend the money for it, goes to a hospital, who do you think picks up the bill?  Me.  Why am I required to foot the hospital bill for someone such as that?

This crowd makes me sick because while I am paying for medical insurance, while they can buy a new car, etc.  What is fair is fair. My answer is no insurance, no hospital stay.  This life is full of free loaders and I am tired of it.

J.M. Marx
Ocean City

Referenda Ahead

Maryland’s November 2012 ballot may have two referenda that expand opportunity for two minorities.

One referendum allows in-state tuition for illegal immigrants’ children. The child must live here three years, graduate from a Maryland high school, attend community college and transfer to a four-year college. His parents must have paid Maryland taxes for three years.

Denying Hispanic children a chance for college punishes the child for the crime of the parents, a vicious Medieval practice specifically forbidden by the federal Constitution.

The other referendum allows the making of gay marriage in Maryland. The federal Constitution (Art. IV, Sect. 1) forces each state to recognize gay marriages made in other states.

Gay marriage should be encouraged. It grants gay couples the insurance, tax and inheritance advantages of heterosexual marriage. It discourages frequent changes in partners, which can make rapid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.

It will lead to more adoption of children by gay couples. Often being well-educated and well-paid, they are often able and willing to care for children. Teachers don’t care that a student has two fathers or two mothers. They do care that the parents read to the kid, monitor his progress in school and support what the school is trying to do for him.

Republicans are inflaming the bigots against both referenda to broaden their narrow base of rich people and big corporations. It’s a Carl Rove-ish attempt to dupe middle class and poor people into voting Republican. Let’s hope the more tolerant-minded voters prevail.

The 2020 Census will show the majority in Maryland to be not whites but an aggregate of minorities. Multiculturalism is not crap, Mr. Ehrlich, it’s an old Maryland tradition.

James A. Hoage
Severna Park