Favoritism Alleged

Favoritism Alleged


I have been quite angry and disappointed recently at a decision coming out of City Hall. Against the recommendations of the Ocean City Planning and Zoning Commission, the powers that be on 3rd Street designated the vacant field on 25th Street and Philadelphia Avenue as a shuttle bus stop for the Dew Tour.

For two years, this property has been allowed to operate as a parking lot on all the busy holiday and special event weekends. The owners have not been required to make any of the improvements that are imposed on other lots in town, such as landscaping, car stops, lines and adequate traffic patterns. They cut down the weeds and open the gates.

For the Dew Tour, the owners of the property were allowed to erect two bright yellow signs advertising the shuttle stop and the town obliged them by providing a “Bus Stop” sign where only a “No Stopping At Any Time” sign existed just a few days before.

The Ocean City Communications Manager was recently quoted in the newspaper as saying that the special shuttle, running only to 33rd Street, would stop at regular bus stops. Why was this bus stop created just for this lot? Why were they given such a convenience to their patrons? Providing a municipal bus to service a private lot, that never had a bus stop before, smacks of favoritism to me. I realize that demand for parking during the Dew Tour was expected to be great and that the town fathers wanted to move people as efficiently as possible but all private enterprises should be dealt with equitably, with no bias. Maybe the Town of Ocean City doesn’t see this as an endorsement on their part, but I do.

Because my place of business, also a parking lot, is only two blocks away on 23rd Street, Mario’s Parking, I have been directly affected by this issue. I do believe that competition is healthy, but not when one establishment is given advantages over others. We all need to play by the same rules and enjoy the same benefits.

Whatever happened to fairness? Have we lost that in our quests for bigger, better, more powerful whatever? Have ethics gone out the window? We are all here for the same reasons — to be good citizens, pay our taxes, make a decent living and enjoy life as we go along. When situations like this arise, I lose faith in people. I lose faith in government. That’s not good.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Ocean City Planning and Zoning Commission for standing its ground on this matter. It’s nice to know that some people still realize the difference between right and wrong.

Jacqueline DeGroft
Ocean City

Experience Disappoints


Having spent the majority of my life in Ocean City, I visited the Boardwalk on Thursday for the opening events of the Dew Tour. Using a motorized scooter from Joe’s Bikes, I traveled the boards to the event. It has been a long time since I have been on the boards and disappointment was my first reaction.

I cannot get over how it looks like a slum. Buildings are faded, junk in front of all of the stores and things falling off of the buildings. So much clutter that it is mind boggling. These stores sell their merchandise all summer, yet it appears that they do not reinvest any money into their buildings. It is not up to the town to fix these problems; it is up to the owners. It appears that they simply take the money and run.

Another item that I noticed was the attire on the boards. As a family resort, we know that people will wear just about anything, no matter what they look like. Why do they think we want to look at them? It is not inappropriate for people to put on a cover up when walking down the boards or on the streets of our family resort. I find it amazing that some of the apparel has not fallen off when women move or that men have not lost their suits. Just exactly what is holding them up? I am by no means a prude, but some sights need to be covered and left to the imagination.

Mimi G. Peuser

Donations Appreciated


The Ocean Pines Anglers Club had a successful Kids Fishing event Saturday and wants to thank the following organizations for their financial, material and participatory support: Ocean City & Berlin Optimists Club, The Maryland Saltwater Sportsfisherman Association, John Henry Tackle Shop on Rt. 611, Pines Communications Inc., John Burke, Pines Point Provisions & Seafood Company, Oyster Bay Tackle Ocean City, McDonalds Restaurant, WQMR 101.1, Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department and the Ocean Pines Association.

The DNR stocked 200 blue gill fish, which helped 85 kids catch over 160 fish, despite the very hot weather.

Walt Boge
Ocean Pines

Council Did Right Thing


I am one of the many senior citizen full-time residents who has gained a new lease in life through the Art League of Ocean City. So I am thrilled that the Ocean City Council did the right thing by agreeing to build a sorely needed building for the Art League.

Along with so many other volunteers, I gladly give my time in helping the Art League. I’ve seen it grow and contribute so strongly to this community. I’ve seen the out-of-town people who take classes there and spend their money in Ocean City. I’ve seen the happy children and teenagers who participate in the number of programs that the Art League provides for them free of charge. I’ve seen the numerous city and county organizations who call on the Art League to contribute their time and creativity to help those organizations in their causes.

I would have a hard time finding any single organization in this area that contributes so strongly to the community in such a diverse manner, and one that also draws more revenue into the city at the same time. A city without its culture is lifeless and soulless. So hurrah to the Art League of Ocean City and hurrah to the City Council for recognizing this gem in their midst.

Helen H.
Ocean City

Skate Free One Day?

What a great weekend in Ocean City.

The Dew Tour in Ocean City … these words made me so proud and the sights were beautiful. Phone calls came in from all parts of the U.S.A. acknowledging how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world. We know that.

Living in north Ocean City and having grandchildren visit (they are local, and attend school here), I have tried to explain that the rules are no skating on Ocean City streets or property. They have been stopped by police and made to carry their boards while traveling to visit the parks. This has been explained that the police only enforce the laws, not make them.

They do not have the means to take the bus and pay to skate at the bowl in south Ocean City. This is a lot of money for a group of 13-year-olds. The long boards are a great way of traveling in Ocean City. Are they just as damaging?

All skateboarders don’t fit the image of a few. Perhaps, this can be resolved in a manner which the skaters could have one day a week, to skate the bowl free. I hope some ideas come from this letter.

Beverly Kerns
Ocean City

Congrats On Event


Yesterday I had the wonderful pleasure of participating in the "Artists Paint OC" art contest and sale of the weekends’ Plein Air pieces created by displaying artists.

Somerset Street itself has become a niche "artsy" area in the downtown and a unique "area" of the OC downtown to visit. Kudos to the Art League of Ocean City and the Ocean City Development Corporation for sponsoring this event.

Passersby enjoyed it as well as those who came to view the work knowing about the event. May there be many more in the future. Thank you for a wonderful Sunday. And, being an artist participant, for the pleasure it was to locate and create a piece around the theme of Ocean City.

Mary Ellen Carroll
Ocean City

Empty Rhetoric


When a person writes to the editor, they shouldn’t start their letter by doing exactly what they are accusing someone else of doing. A recent letter to the editor opens up with “Mike McDermott confuses me. He seems to choose facts that support his opinions, not the facts that represent the real world of those who sign the fronts of the paychecks — for example, Maryland is among the nation’s wealthiest states.”

Talk about choosing facts (or in this case hiding the facts) that support his opinion, the writer conveniently fails to mention that it is not the Maryland economy that is the reason that “Maryland is among the nation’s wealthiest states”, it is the economy of the federal bureaucracy that employs those Maryland residents who live in the affluent areas surrounding Washington DC.

In other words, Maryland is “wealthy” because of the generous salaries and benefits that are paid by your tax money, not because the private sector is booming. (It is not, Maryland is ranked either dead last or close to it in private sector job creation.)

This country and this state are in big trouble; for the first time in history our children and grandchildren will not have a quality of life that is superior to that of the generation before. The fact that Delegate McDermott is alarmed by that fact doesn’t mean “his glass is always half empty”. And the fact that a liberal ideologue would demonize the delegate through empty rhetoric is not half surprising.

Steve Lind
Ocean Pines