Dew Tour Winners Announced

OCEAN CITY – Extreme heat paired up with extreme sports last weekend as top athletes battled it out in the Pantech Open of the Dew Tour in Ocean City.

Saturday’s winner of the skate bowl was Pedro Barros, and of the BMX Park competition, Kyle Baldock.

Barros, 16, proved his young talent over bowl veterans Bucky Lasek and Andy MacDonald.

“I feel really good about winning. It always gets you a little more excited and a little happier,” said Barros. “Just being in the finals like this with everyone killing it so much creates energy that only this contest can come close to. It’s incredible.”

Baldock, 20, is the first rookie to win a BMX Park final, beating Dennis Enarson and the competition’s oldest rider and course designer, Ryan Nyquist.

"All I wanted to do was make it in this year, and to win is unbelievable. I did it for the people at home who’ve always had my back — my mom, I give this to my brother. He passed away and this is for him. This is for everyone,” said Baldock after his win.

Sunday’s winner of skate vert was Baltimore’s own Bucky Lasek, and the BMX Vert champion was Jamie Bestwick.

Lasek, 38, won his 10th Dew Tour vert final, just cutting out big name skaters, Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Shaun White.

“Words can’t explain how I feel right now. I went all last year without a win. To come back this year to win the first stop, the Pantech Open, in my home state of Maryland, is unbelievable,” said Lasek after the victory. “I am very blessed to have the friends, family, and sponsors that have backed me for so many years, keeping me skating and pushing the level of my skating.”

Bestwick, 40, has taken first in year-end Dew cup standing in BMX Vert the last six years in a row, and with his win in Ocean City he is working on his seventh. Bestwick claimed his victory over Chad Kagy and Simon Tabron.

“I want to thank the fans here in Ocean City who really made this event great. The energy was electric and it was so much fun riding for this crowd, and so exciting to witness the level of riding that the field has brought to the table,” said Bestwick. “After watching the riding tonight, the road to the Dew Tour Championships is bound to be one of the best yet.”

The Pantech Open in Ocean City last weekend was the Dew Tour’s first stop out of four in the event’s seventh year. The four major multi-sport events span across the country with a cumulative points system, and more than $2 million in event and bonus purses are awarded at the tour’s end based on overall standings.