7th Kids’ Classic a Big Success

OCEAN CITY- The Ocean City Marlin Club’s 7th Annual Kids’ Classic fishing tournament last weekend was a big success with hundreds of young anglers catching a wide variety of sizes and species of fish both inshore and offshore all for the benefit of the Wish-A-Fish Foundation.

The annual event was open to all young anglers age 19 or younger and took place last weekend in the waters in and around the resort from the back bays to the ocean. With several categories, there were plenty of opportunities for nearly all of the participants to get on the leaderboard in one way or another and fish were weighed in just about every category.

In the offshore divisions, Jake Aramedia took the Billfish Release division with two blue marlin and one white marlin release for a total of 400 points. Connor Campbell took second with a blue marlin release and a spearfish release, while Shelby Moore caught and released a blue marlin. Four other young anglers released white marlins during the tournament including Gordon Abercrombie, Parker Hallee, Andrew Healey, Nicky Keller.

In the Yellowfin Tuna division, Jake and John Aramendia took first and second, while Luke Miner was third. In the bluefin tuna division, C.J. Davidson took first, while Courtney Grady and Amy Ewen shared second. Trip Keller took first in the dolphin division, followed by Taylor McCourt and Caroline Savage. Austin and Mike Brittingham shared first place in the wahoo division.

The inshore divisions also produced great results with several winners in nearly every category. Aryton Pryor took first in the taug division, followed by Dillan Kramer, Patrick Miller, Calvin Kramer and Bradley Miller. Jacob Cockman took first in the sea robin category, followed by Spencer Paquette and Ayrton Pryor. Spencer and Lilly Paquette, along with Conner Ohrvall took the top three spots in the puffer division.

Ayrton Pryor took first in the flounder division, followed by Donovan Spall and Matt Boyle. In the croaker category, it was Noah Good and Jacob Good taking first and second place, followed by Dylan, Ethan, Ryan and Sean Peterson.

Taylor Jendreck and Colin Baker shared first in the kingfish division. Jacob Stuckey and Camden Eberly took first and second respectively in the skate category. Delshawn Planter was first in the porgie category, while Jack Burbage was first in the banded rudderfish category.

Caleb Hockensmith and Will Schlesner shared first place in the sea bass division, with Nick Schlesner, Amy Ewen, Sean Bloomer, Emma Sitrick, Caleb Hockensmith, Will Schlesner and Andrew Breza rounding out the category. In the bluefish category, it was Dawson Fields taking first place, with Cole Barrett and Preston Harllee rounding out the other top positions.

Hugh Cropper took first in the mackerel division, with Leah Haynes, JoJO Herring, Josh Haynes and Caleb McCurdy rounding out the top spots. Hugh Cropper also took first in the amberjack category. Will Kennington was first in the spot category, followed by Jacob and Ella Wozar, Matt Brennan, and Kaitlyn and Caroline Kennington.