Convicted Killer’s Jail Escape Foiled

SNOW HILL — Convicted killer Justin Hadel last week attempted to escape from the Worcester County Jail.

Hadel, 20, of College Station, Texas, was found guilty of first-degree murder in June for the beating death of Christine Sheddy, a 26-year-old Delaware woman reported missing in November 2007 from a farm in Pocomoke where she had been staying with friends.

Last Tuesday, jail officials learned Hadel had removed a 12- to 14-inch steel hinge pin from the door of the Administrative Segration 4 area and attempted to use the new-found tool to pry open an exterior window, according to charging documents.

“Hadel removed the hinge pin and placed paper in the hinge area to conceal the removal of the hinge pin,” the charging documents read. “Hadel used the 12-14” hinge pin and pried the security window casing in an attempt to escape confinement through the window. The window casing has pry marks from the hinge pin and the lock mechanism has been damaged due to the hinge pin breaking inside the lock mechanism.”

Hadel has now been charged additionally with two counts of malicious destruction of property, possession of contraband and attempted first-degree escape.